20 measures in Zhengzhou to help post-disaster reconstruction and resumption of work and production

According to news on August 24, Zhengzhou Municipal People’s Government issued 20 measures to support enterprises in accelerating post-disaster reconstruction and resumption of production and production, to help solve outstanding problems in the resumption of production and to support disaster-stricken enterprises registered in the national natural disaster management system to overcome difficulties. Quickly and effectively restore the vitality of market players, and promote the economic and social reconstruction after the disaster to achieve fundamental results.

Zhengzhou City supports 20 measures to support enterprises in accelerating post-disaster reconstruction and resumption of work and production 1. Support enterprises in repairing production equipment. If the disaster-stricken enterprise organizes maintenance of inundated equipment such as production, inspection, testing, internal power supply, etc., subsidies will be provided at 30% of the actual maintenance costs. The amount of subsidies for a single enterprise shall not exceed 5 million yuan, and the amount of subsidies for a single enterprise shall be regulated. No more than 1 million yuan. Companies that receive the insurance compensation do not enjoy the above-mentioned subsidy policy, and provide assistance at 5% of the amount of the insurance compensation, and the single-family enterprise does not exceed 5 million yuan. 2. Support the technological transformation of enterprises. Support enterprises to implement high-end, intelligent, and green transformations, and provide post-subsidies not exceeding 30% of the actual investment amount to eligible enterprises, and encourage enterprises to continuously improve their technological level. 3. Support enterprises to repair and reconstruct production sites and construction facilities. If the production site and auxiliary buildings and facilities of the enterprise are inundated and need to be repaired or reconstructed, a subsidy will be given at 20% of the actual cost of the repair or reconstruction, and the single-family subsidy of the enterprise shall not exceed 5 million yuan. Under the regulations, the amount of subsidy for a single household of enterprises shall not exceed 1 million yuan. For companies that receive the insurance compensation, they do not enjoy the above-mentioned subsidy policy, and relief is provided at 5% of the amount of the insurance compensation. The restoration work must be completed before October 31, 2021, and the reconstruction work must be started before September 30, 2021 and completed within 6 months.

4. Support enterprises to rent workshops and warehouses for transitional production and operation. If the factory buildings, production and business premises, and warehouses of the regulated enterprises are damaged by flooding and cannot be restored in a short time, and the factory buildings and warehouses in the administrative area of ​​our city are rented to resume production and operation, the actual rental expenses incurred will be subsidized at a rate of 50%. The longest period is April 30, 2022, and the single-family enterprise subsidy amount does not exceed 2 million yuan.

5. Support power production guarantee. Increase the purchase of thermal coal, encourage municipal power production enterprises to generate electricity, and ensure epidemic prevention and control and post-disaster reconstruction. From August 12 to September 1, the average power generation load of the operating units of coal-fired integrated power plants will be given per kilowatt. A one-time subsidy of 5 yuan; a subsidy of 1 yuan per kilowatt per day for newly started operating units according to the average power generation load.

6. Support the reconstruction of commerce, circulation, cultural and tourism enterprises. For large shopping malls, supermarkets and cultural tourism enterprises that are severely affected by the disaster, support them to replace or repair damaged storage, logistics and entertainment facilities and equipment. The actual costs incurred will be subsidized at a rate of 50%, and large-scale shopping malls and supermarkets will be subsidized for single-family enterprises. The amount does not exceed 1 million yuan, and the single-family subsidy for cultural tourism enterprises does not exceed 2 million yuan.

7. Support the restoration, reconstruction and transformation of the agricultural trade market. For the city’s 138 farmer’s markets and 159 specialized markets, 500,000, 300,000 or 100,000 subsidies will be given according to the disaster situation and reconstruction and expansion conditions.

8. Support chain retail stores and individual industrial and commercial households to resume operations. For chain retail stores and individual industrial and commercial households that have business difficulties due to disasters and stop production and business, subsidize their operating costs (rent, water, electricity, gas) to support their resumption of production and business activities, and the amount of subsidies for single-family enterprises shall not exceed 10,000 yuan.

9. Reduce the proportion of corporate housing provident fund payment and deposit. Enterprises that are affected by the disaster and have real difficulties in depositing the housing provident fund can apply to reduce the housing provident fund payment rate to a minimum of 5%, or apply for deferred payment of the housing provident fund for a period of no more than 12 months. For those eligible for personal housing loans from the housing provident fund, the housing provident fund management center shall complete the loan issuance within 5 working days after the housing property registration agency completes the mortgage registration.

10. Increase credit loans. For market entities such as small and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households severely affected by the disaster, credit loans of less than 300,000 yuan will be issued without mortgage or guarantee.

11. Reduce or exempt corporate rents. For small, medium and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households that rent state-owned assets for business use and are unable to operate normally due to the disaster, the rent will be implemented according to the “one exemption and two reductions” during the period of business suspension. Specifically, the rent for August is exempt, and the rent is reduced by half in September. , October rent. For those renting other business premises, the landlord (landlord) is encouraged to reduce or exempt rents for the tenants. For “one exemption and two reductions”, the government will grant real estate tax and urban land use tax exemptions based on the number of months of exempt rent.

12. Speed ​​up tax rebates and postpone taxes in accordance with regulations. Those who meet the tax refund requirements shall be refunded completely, and shall be refunded quickly. Speed ​​up the progress of the VAT tax refund, and ensure that the tax refunds of eligible enterprises are in place in a timely manner. Market entities that cannot pay taxes on time due to business difficulties are allowed to postpone the payment of relevant taxes in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Tax Collection and Administration Law of the People’s Republic of China, so as to effectively reduce the pressure on enterprises to rebuild and resume production after the disaster.

13. Defer the payment of social insurance premiums. For all types of units that are affected by the disaster and have greater difficulties in their production and operations and participate in the social insurance of our city, and meet the requirements for deferred payment, they can apply for deferred payment of basic pension, unemployment, and work-related insurance premiums. The deferral period is tentatively set for 3 moon.

14. Renew some preferential policies for social insurance premiums. Continue to implement the phased reduction of unemployment and work-related injury insurance rates until April 30, 2022. For small, medium and micro enterprises that newly recruited registered unemployed persons for more than half a year, graduates or college graduates who have not been employed within one year after leaving school, and signed labor contracts for more than one year and paid social insurance premiums, they will be given a one-time employment subsidy and social insurance. Insurance subsidies.

15. Waiver of corporate guarantee fees. All financing guarantee institutions in the city implement the “one exemption and two reduction” policy for financing guarantee services for small and micro enterprises and “agriculture, rural areas and farmers”. Specifically, the guarantee fee in August will be waived, and the guarantee fee collected in September and October will be halved. For financing guarantee institutions exempting and reducing guarantee fees, refer to the “Implementation Opinions of the General Office of the People’s Government of Zhengzhou on Further Strengthening the Construction of the Government Financing Guarantee System to Support the Development of Small and Micro Enterprises and the Development of Agriculture, Rural Areas and Rural Areas” (Zhengzhengban [2020] No. 52 ) The government provides exemption and subsidy for the relevant guarantee rate standards in the document.

16. Set up financing guarantees for post-disaster reconstruction compensation and compensation funds. The compensation losses incurred by guarantee agencies shall be compensated in accordance with regulations, and the guarantee agencies in the city shall be encouraged to provide loan guarantees for small, medium and micro enterprises and the main bodies of “agriculture, rural areas and farmers”.

17. Enhancing the credit enhancement of corporate entities’ financing. On the basis of the “Notice of Zhengzhou Municipal Finance Bureau on the Establishment of Zhengzhou Municipal SME Emergency On-lending Working Capital” (Zheng Caiban (2020) No. 26), the time limit for the use of Zhengzhou SME’s emergency on-lending working capital was extended by one year to Deadline at the end of September 2022.

18. Speed ​​up the liquidation of government arrears. Regarding government debts to enterprises, especially private enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises, all localities and departments must strictly implement the Regulations on Guaranteeing Payments for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (Order No. 728 of the State Council) and other provisions, raise funds from multiple sources, speed up the repayment process, and ensure that All settlements will be in place before the end of September 2021.

19. Postpone the deadline for the delivery of real estate projects. Affected by the disaster and epidemic situation, some real estate projects cannot fulfill the construction and commercial housing delivery obligations within the prescribed time limit. If the construction party and the developer delay the delay accordingly, measures must be taken to effectively protect the rights and interests of the buyers, and the extension period shall not exceed 3 months.

20. Implement bank loan deferred repayment of principal and interest. Banking financial institutions must take measures to defer the repayment of principal and interest for companies affected by the epidemic, ensure that they do not draw, suppress, and continue to lend, maintain normal credit records, and do not submit information according to overdue dates, and do not reduce loans Classification, no litigation. For enterprises (including small and micro business owners and individual industrial and commercial households) that have difficulties in repaying their loans since July 1, 2021, banking financial institutions shall provide temporary deferred repayment arrangements through loan renewals and extensions. This date can be extended up to December 31, 2022. For the loan interest to be paid by enterprises (including small and micro business owners and individual industrial and commercial households), banking financial institutions shall, based on their actual conditions affected by the epidemic, provide deferred interest payment arrangements, and the interest payment date can be extended to 2021 at the longest. On 31st, no penalty interest will be charged.

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