2011-02-25 23:39 How to buy CNC router machine

2011-02-25 23:39How to buy Cnc Router Machine

Five steps to choose the Best CNC router,

First, know your routing needs. While different routers may generally do the same thing, some models may suit your purposes better. If you’re working with lightweight material, you may want to look toward CNC routers that have their own hold-down or vacuum systems in place. But for heavy weighted objects, you can save money and develop your own hold-down system.

Second, determine your size requirements and limitations. Measure the area where you’ll be using your CNC router. A basic 3-axis router kit will come with a standard four-inch by eight-inch base. For use in a manufacturing plant or factory, the faster 4-axis and 5-axis routers are on a much larger scale.

Tree, set the price you’re willing to pay. Routers can be an expensive addition to your workshop. The cost for a new low-end CNC router will start at $5,000. For the highest end model of CNC routers, you can expect to pay $150,000 or more. Knowing your needs and requirements from Steps 1 and 2, budget for the purchase of your CNC router and check into financing options. Consider purchasing a refurbished or used CNC router, if a new one exceeds your budget.

Four, View CNC routers and compare vendors. Browse through Internet sites such as Shop Bot and Ez-Router to see in-stock options. Through their websites, you can compare the training and support options, as well as the warranties they offer. Contact your local machine shops and ask for recommendations of their vendors before you make the final decision as to where to purchase your CNC router.

Five, Find a reputable company to purchase your CNC router. Negotiate into your final purchase price delivery, installation and software training. Also negotiate a support contract with the company to service your router, and know what the warranty covers under the purchase agreement and support contract

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