2013-07-23 14:06 Developing high-end CNC engraving machine

2013-07-23 14:06Developing high-end Cnc Engraving Machine

Level of CNC technology in recent years significant progress in some areas to achieve greater breakthroughs in manufacturing, especially CNC engraving machine technical level has improved a lot, not ten years ago, China also produces five-axis machine tools, has now emerged as Jinan River CNC several well-known brands, and reached the international advanced level.

Broadly speaking, the cnc machine is a very complex industrial production processes, while high-performance CNC machine tool system is to determine the overall performance and cost of key factors, the current domestic high-end CNC woodworking engraving machine, stone engraving machine, are mostly used Siemens or FANUC CNC systems and other foreign companies, domestic CNC system in high-speed, high-precision, five-axis machining and intelligent features, the relatively advanced level in the world there is a certain gap, of course, this is due to the domestic CNC system architecture (hardware platform, software platform, fieldbus), high-speed high-precision control algorithms, servo-driven, integrated gap caused. On the other hand spindle, double swing, turntable, nanometer precision grating features, and machine design and manufacture of the core technology, but also the Chinese manufacturing high-end machine key constraints, it can be said engraving machine overall improvements in technology, ultimately inseparable from open the advanced features industry support.
Meanwhile, the industry is a huge market demand driven technical progress of a positive factor, the next step in the continuing development of the national economy, policy support, and downstream industry revitalization context, high-end CNC machinery industry will maintain rapid growth strong demand this will drive CNC machinery and CNC systems and the development of related features and high-end CNC technology to further promote the level of development and progress.

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