2013-09-26 13:56 Stone engraving machine development direction

2013-09-26 13:56Stone engraving machine development direction

Current people’s aesthetic constantly changing, more respect for nature, focusing on beautiful, more focus on health, pollution-free, pollution-free, natural stone with its gorgeous colors, stable physical and chemical properties and good processing performance in architectural decoration, craft products and other aspects of a large number of applications, including relief for interior decoration, characterization, picture frames, engraved pane, fireplace facings and other fine carving products developing rapidly, is toward art, gentrification, the direction of large-scale applications. With the social development and progress, stone engraving machine applications are increasingly being used, a simple engraving machine can not meet the needs of the community, as well as Cnc Machining process changes the rapid development of technology, more new stone engraving machine, automatic bulls ATC engraving machine engraving machine has come out in the end.

There are two stone future development direction, a direction is to expand the application of stone, the stone in the domestic building materials market to get comprehensive application and development of the current stone building just a part of the stone and other building materials such as wood, plastic, metal, etc. combined with each other , so that the application of the original stone building materials extended to the whole, so that tends to improve the application of the stone. The second direction is to design an artistic component into the stone field, cross the development of new technologies. Next As technology continues to develop, the continuous progress of human knowledge, the high-end cnc machine instead of hand is the inevitable trend of social development.

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