2021 China 5G + Industrial Internet Conference was held, Chen Dongfeng, CEO of Inspur Group, explained the B5G concept

Wuhan, Nov. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — On Nov. 20, the 2021 China 5G+ Industrial Internet Conference hosted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Hubei Provincial People’s Government opened in Wuhan. Chen Dongfeng, Executive President of Inspur Group, was invited to attend the opening ceremony and delivered a keynote speech at the main forum of “5G+ Industrial Internet Empowers Thousands of Industries to Upgrade Intelligently”. , experts, to discuss the concept and practice of 5G + industrial Internet deep integration development.

Chen Dongfeng said that as an important driving force for the digital transformation of the economy and society, 5G + Industrial Internet has become one of the most enthusiastic, innovative and effective fields. At the same time, 5G-enabled industrial Internet still faces many challenges, such as insufficient supply of high-quality industrial networks, nearly 80% of industrial equipment in a “deaf and dumb” state, and industrial intelligent terminals, gateways and other products with few types and weak capabilities.

Chen Dongfeng believes that the ultimate goal of 5G and industrial Internet integration is to demonstrate application value. To this end, Inspur proposes the B5G strategic concept, and continuously promotes 5G to become a key enabler of the Industrial Internet through continuous integration and innovation of networks, connections, and applications. The B5G strategy includes three meanings:

Business 5G: Strategic focus, focus on serving industry customers

Broaden 5G: Compatible, organically integrating wireless and wired multi-standard access technologies

Beyond 5G: Pursue the new, continue to innovate 5G network capabilities, while promoting innovation in the 5G 2B end-to-end value chain

Inspur implements the B5G strategy and innovates to promote the integrated development of 5G + industrial Internet. There have been a lot of practices.

Multi-access system integration innovation to meet the complex access requirements of the Industrial Internet

In the assembly workshop of Dongfeng Motor, the bicycle crane requires the network delay to be less than 20 milliseconds. In the welding shop, people and vehicles need to be precisely positioned. In the paint shop, a large number of sensing devices are needed to detect harmful gases… The key scenes of industrial production are interlinked.

Chen Dongfeng said that the requirements of the industrial Internet for the network are different from those of individual customers. The most prominent one is the pursuit of “certainty”. The traditional “best effort” network is difficult to meet the needs of key scenarios of the industrial Internet. The new network capability of “do it”, and the transformation of network access is the first priority.

Inspur has created a multi-standard network with comprehensive capabilities, integrated architecture, and intelligent operation and maintenance for Dongfeng Motor with the integration and innovation of 5G+ multi-standard access technology, which flexibly supports Dongfeng Motor’s diverse and ubiquitous full-connection requirements.

Inspur also solves the problems of fixed-mobile integration and heterogeneous network interconnection through the bright sword “5G+F5G” technology. In the highly automated Inspur Suzhou PCBA intelligent manufacturing factory, Inspur, together with an operator in Jiangsu, built a 5G+F5G network by sharing the basic resources of cloud-network integration, realizing the 5G network dispatching AGV car, and the F5G network control AGV car. The intelligent storage shelves are seamlessly connected, which greatly improves the intelligent transportation and distribution efficiency of production materials, and efficiently supports the application scenarios of fixed-movement collaboration.

Service model innovation meets the needs of key scenarios in key industries

In the face of continuous production industries such as steel, ports, mines and other continuous production industries that require extreme network reliability, Inspur is not satisfied with flat access coverage. Large-scale equipment connections and a more reliable and flexible networking model can improve network performance. Add another layer of protection. Chen Dongfeng said: “This requires model innovation.”

On the one hand, explore the integration and innovation of 5G public network + private network service model. In industrial scenarios such as Zhuhai International Container Terminal, Inspur and operators have piloted more hybrid private network service models with lower core network functions. To a certain extent, this ensures that the private network can run inertially when the public network is interrupted, and satisfies the extreme demands on the network. Reliable, absolutely safe, manageable and controllable stringent requirements.

On the other hand, through 5G + industrial intelligent gateway integration innovation. In Shougang Jingtang, after the deployment of 5G network, for many requirements such as remote control of cranes, high-definition video backhaul, industrial data acquisition of equipment, and industrial visual quality inspection, 5G gateways must not only have networking capabilities, but also need to have two layers. Networking, data acquisition protocol connection, video access and other related capabilities. Relying on the B5G industrial intelligent gateway open platform that integrates “connection, computing power, and capability”, Inspur can quickly and cost-effectively meet large-scale connection requirements through pre-built industrial applications and a small amount of customized development.

Product, service and value chain innovation fully empowers the Industrial Internet

Supporting the B5G strategy, Inspur focuses on the last mile of the industry’s digital transformation, and builds a cloud-network integration full-stack product and service system: at the network level, it has 5G networks based on 3GPP standards and enhanced industry capabilities and a series of intelligent gateway products, organically integrated Access network series products with multi-standard technology, F5G series products that superimpose TSN technology to enhance deterministic network capabilities; edge cloud series products covering cities, parks, on-site, and multi-level collaboration, forming a cloud-based and network-centric cloud Network integration full-stack product system; with a comprehensive service system integrating planning, construction, operation, maintenance, and optimization.

Chen Dongfeng said that the two-pronged approach of “product + service” can better empower the development of the Industrial Internet. Based on B5G cloud-network integration products and services, Inspur has implemented nearly 100 cases in more than 10 industries including electronics manufacturing, equipment manufacturing, mining, steel, and electric power, and is deeply implementing the B5G strategy.

Inspur itself is also a practitioner of B5G strategy. Jinan high-end server intelligent manufacturing base is a demonstration of 5G smart factory built by Inspur and operators. The factory combines the capabilities of B5G and Inspur’s cross-domain and cross-industry Yunzhou Industrial Internet platform, goes deep into the core production links, comprehensively sorts out the intelligent manufacturing process, and clarifies the 5G wisdom of the five core business nodes of WCS, AGV, CELL, PLC and quality inspection. It has developed a comprehensive upgrade plan, created ten application scenarios, supported large-scale flexible production of intelligent manufacturing, networked collaboration, digital management, and personalized customization, achieving a 12% increase in factory production capacity, a 6% increase in product qualification rate, and a 30% reduction in average inventory age. sky.

As the industry’s top event, the conference also set up more than 20 special conferences, results conferences and other links. On November 21, Pang Songtao, director and deputy general manager of Inspur Industrial Internet, delivered a keynote speech at the Industrial Internet Logo Forum; Inspur Communication Technology and Dongfeng Communication Technology jointly released a white paper at the results conference, and Inspur also participated in the “5G + Industrial “Internet” typical application selection and other activities, so stay tuned.

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