37×86 CNC logging system

With industrial control microcomputer as the core and high-speed display recording peripherals as the basic composition, the CLS3700 CNC measurement system is transformed into a 3X86 CNC measurement system. The system software is a CNC measurement software developed by BORLANDC++. The hardware composition of the 3X86 CNC measuring system and the main functions of the system software are introduced, the […]

September’s Quotes of sheet metal stamping parts

Here are the quotes of sheet metal stamping parts of September. They are interested in metal stamping parts like 302 stainless steel shell, compound die and other sheet metal stamping parts.  1. can you make this part? see attached file we are a manufactuer in mexico 2. Need quote and best lead time for the two shell drawings. To be […]

What are VOCs?  What are the detection methods for VOCs?

What are VOCs? What are the detection methods for VOCs?

“According to the definition of the World Health Organization (WHO), VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are various organic compounds with a boiling point of 50°C to 260°C at room temperature. In my country, VOCs refer to organic compounds with a saturated vapor pressure greater than 70 Pa at room temperature and a boiling point below 260 °C at normal pressure, or […]

How to deal with stainless steel rust spots?

How to deal with stainless steel rust spots?   Chemical methods   Using acid pickling paste or spray to assist the rust part to be passivated through forming chromium oxide film to restore its corrosion resistance. After pickling,for removing all pollutants and acid residues, it’s very important to rinse properly with clean water . After all treatments, the polishing equipment […]

Details of the stamping process

1. Before stamping, there must be plate straightening adjustment process steps or automatic correction tooling to ensure that the raw materials enter the mold cavity smoothly. 2. The position of the material belt on the feed clamp needs to be clearly defined, and the width gaps on both sides of the material belt and the two sides of the feed […]

Investment casting parts, made of silca sol shell, molding

Key Specifications/Special Features: Made of silcal sol shell Maximum size: 1,200 x 800 x 400mm Cast weight: 0.09g  to  100kg Main Export Markets: Asia Eastern Europe North America Western Europe Any third-party trademarks or images shown here are for reference purposes only. We are not authorized to sell any items bearing such trademarks. Link to this article:Investment casting parts, made […]

Powerway Alloy: The company has organized various resources to fully promote project commissioning and trial production

Some investors asked Powerway Alloy (601137). The stock price plummeted easily. Reasons: 1. Due to the sudden media report on the intellectual property case, the company did not disclose the positive and negative effects of the case on the company in a timely manner. Investors doubted the company’s governance capabilities and lost confidence. ! 2. The company has been delaying […]

Requirements of CNC machine tools for spindle drive system

The main shaft drive system is also called the main drive system, which is the part of the power unit that completes the main movement in the system. The spindle drive system is transformed into the cutting torque and cutting speed of the tool or workpiece installed on the spindle through the transmission mechanism, and cooperates with the feed movement […]

Modern degaussing measures before Russian pipeline welding

The modern degaussing method before Russian pipeline welding is compiled by Xu Guizhi (Nanjing Aviation Accessories Factory 210002). The reason for the remanence in steel pipe and its influence on welding quality are analyzed. The demagnetization process and demagnetization methods of Russian pipelines before welding are introduced. Production experience proves that this method is practical and effective. Subject headings: Pipeline […]