Why Use Silicone Cup Coaster For Drinks?

Why Use silicone Cup Coaster for Drinks? Material- The drink coaster is made of eco-friendly soft silicone. It's heat-resistant which can effectively protect the table, and it's also easy to clean. Design- The silicone cup coaster for drinks is solid color design, so it is available to custom the logo as your requirements. Better Life- These interesting patterns will make our mood […]

Bamboo fan laser engraving machine blooming the beauty of bamboo fan

Bamboo fan laser engraving machine blooming the beauty of bamboo fan The bamboo fan contains ancient Chinese civilization and extensive and profound oriental culture. As an art category with national historical and cultural characteristics, bamboo fan likes a gorgeous flower in the Chinese art garden, which continuously emits unique fragrance. Bamboo fan laser engraving machine uses laser to hollow out […]

TSMC’s mass production of 5nm process and 2nm process in 2020 is also on the way

DoNews December 11 (Reporter Zhao Jinjie) With the release of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chip, TSMC once again ushered in a major customer order. While the current conventional 7nm process continues to lead, TSMC is actively deploying 5nm, 3nm and 2nm processes. TSMC CFO He Limei once revealed that driven by the demand for 5G smartphones, TSMC’s 5nm manufacturing process […]

Classification method of hydraulic press by purpose

The hydraulic presses are as follows according to their usage: Manual Hydraulic Press. Generally, it is a small hydraulic press, which is used for general processes such as restriction and press-fitting. Casting hydraulic press. It is used for free casting, billeting of steel ingots and die forging of non-ferrous and ferrous metals. Press hydraulic press. Used for various sheet metal […]

Sheet Metal Bending

Sheet metal bending, we should know what? 261 precision sheet metal gold processing, on this two word, its by contains of content, and by involves of aspects is very more of, on like precision sheet metal gold processing processing, and precision sheet metal gold processing equipment,, so today, we on to talk about this while of some knowledge content, so […]

Application of laser welding and automation in the packaging of optical communication devices

1. Application background In the industry, the traditional optical communication device packaging technology generally uses UV glue to bond and fix the device at the joint surface. First, the UV glue is applied to the device joint and then cured by ultraviolet light. This device connection method has many defects, such as limited curing depth; limited by the geometry of […]

In the hardware processing, the CNC machined workpiece is accurate in size and the surface finish is poor. What is the reason?

After the hardware is processed, the workpiece size is accurate and the surface finish is poor.The cause of the failure: the cutter tip of the machine tool is damaged, not sharp; the machine tool generates resonance, the placement is not stable; the machine tool has crawling phenomenon; the processing technology is not good.Solution: If the tool is not sharp after […]

London Metal Exchange: Origins and Functioning

London Metal Exchange is one of the major trading centers of industrial metals in the world.   LME’s origins can be traced back to the early 19th century. During this period, businessmen in the metal market used to meet regularly at the Royal Exchange. Later on, little groups of commodity traders began to do business in smaller premises, such as […]

China’s internal combustion engine oil viscosity grade classification adopts the internationally accepted classification method

In order to be in line with international standards, China’s internal combustion engine oil viscosity grade classification has also directly adopted this internationally accepted classification method, and China’s existing GB498 classification method has been correspondingly invalidated. In order to make it convenient for the car to run in different seasons or different regions, the viscosity of the internal combustion engine […]