Why Choose A Silicone Mask

silicone mask's main advantage is that can be repeatedly used is different from ordinary fiber filter masks are disposable products, although at a more expensive than disposable masks slightly, for there is no mask using stronger, however, the purpose of the silica gel mask use of gas as well as some special environment, so a lot of the old silica gel […]

Four Points Considered in the Design of 160 Ton Hydraulic Press

Four Points Considered in the Design of 160 Ton Hydraulic Press The 160-ton hydraulic press design structure includes hydraulic system design, hydraulic pump station design, body design, numerical control system design, performance parameters, etc. At the same time, it is also necessary to consider whether the customer needs to be equipped with automatic feeders, manipulators and other devices. These are […]

Advantages of closed type fiber laser cutting machine

The cover fiber laser Cutting MachineĀ is the mainstream example on the market, and it has the following advantages:Prevent laser damage to human eyesIn the international laser classification, class 3 or 4 lasers are lasers that can be used for cutting. Operators are prohibited from looking directly at them. The power of scattered light should also not be underestimated. When operating […]

Collapsible Silicone Bowl, A Portable Bowl For Travel

How about the collapsible silicone bowl Weishun can supply?Is this bowl manufactured by your company?Production workshop of WeishunWeiShun is a manufaturer in Guangdong China. We can not only produce this collapsible silicone bowl but also other silicone matrial products. OEM & ODM order is welcome.What is the characteristics of this silicone bowl we sell?This silicone foldable bowl is with a […]

Silicone sealing strips

silicone sealing strips is widely used in electronics electrical appliance .Silicone sealing strips is flexibility, excellent insulation, compressibility, surface natural stickiness, specifically for use of gap transfer heat design production .Silicone sealing strips filled gaps for transfer heat from heating position to heat dissipation between parts ,and at the same time also have insulation, shock absorption, seal, etc. Function .Silicone […]

South China Sea Arbitration limited impact on copper trading chain

Since South China Sea arbitration tribunal makes the so-called final ruling, copper recent price performance mainly reflect market concerns about the trade channel. However, the conflict escalated to the extent of the impact of the degree of trade channels, the probability is not high, copper prices are still overall shocks.       The incentive factors for copper prices are mainly due to concerns about the structure of China’s copper supply. […]

Points to note about ultraviolet germicidal lamps

(1) Some domestically unqualified ultraviolet lamps cannot provide the remaining disinfection capacity. When the treated water leaves the reactor, some microorganisms killed by ultraviolet rays will repair the damaged DNA molecules under the photo-resurrection mechanism to regenerate the bacteria. Therefore, it is necessary to further study the principles and conditions of photoresurrection and determine the minimum ultraviolet irradiation intensity, time […]