How can medical titanium bars be used in medical treatment?

As a new material, titanium bars for medical use have been used for decades in the pharmaceutical industry, surgical instruments, human implants and other fields in China and the world, and have achieved great success. The use of titanium and titanium alloy to make artificial joints, bone plates and screws has been widely used in clinical practice. Also used for […]

cooler box mold supplier

Cooler box mold supplier, Sino Mould can offer you with one stop plastic mold for cooler box. We offer different volume cooler box molds from 4L to more than 50L. For cooler box project, we can offer plastic injection molds for cooler outer box, cooler inner box, cooler box handle and blow mold for cooler box lids. Mould steel we […]

Shunbo Alloy: The company’s annual output in 2020 is about 37 tons

Some investors asked Shunbo Alloy (002996), what is the company’s production capacity and what is the industry ranking? The company replied, Dear investors, hello! In 2020, the company’s annual output is approximately 37 tons, which is among the best in the industry.Thank you for your attention to the company! Link to this article:Shunbo Alloy: The company’s annual output in 2020 […]

Silicone sealing rings for crisper

    Crisper silicone sealing rings include the major part of the lamp, they fix on the lid, making waterproof and sealed effect. Nowadays, more and more people are used to bringing business lunch, so crisper end up popular, good quality silicone sealing ring will make things goes well, the food can be keeping fresh longer. Our company will design each […]

Shangyu,Zhejiang—New Tech in Mould Industry Has Caused The Attention of U.S. and Japan

Zhejiang Huatong Holding Corporation, located in Shangyu, has put its core technology on plastic mould of auto car into practice, and gained great success. Now it is the leader of China’s auto industry. More over, some multi-national companies from developed countries such as U.S. and Japan have come to Huatong themselves for mould order. “As the foundation of the whole […]

Inventory: Top 10 cybersecurity incidents in the global transportation industry

With the development of Internet information technology, the transportation industry, including the fields of sea, land and air, has gradually started digital transformation. The interconnectedness of systems and reliance on technology has led to the emergence of new risks: the shipping industry has become a key target of ransomware attacks, and the civil aviation industry has faced the security risk […]

Corrosion-resistant alloy cold-rolled drawn seamless pipe (GB/T15011-1994)

(1) For dimensions and specifications, see Table 8-54. Table 8-54 Dimensions and specifications of corrosion-resistant alloy cold-rolled (drawn) seamless pipe (mm) Wall thickness diameter (2) The allowable deviation is shown in Table 8-55. Table 8-55 Allowable Dimensional Deviation of Corrosion-resistant Alloy Cold Rolled (drawn) Seamless Pipe (mm) size Allowable deviation Outer diameter 6~10 ±0.15 >10~30 ±0.20 >30~60 ±O. 30 Wall […]

Plastic Injection Package Mould

We are dedicated to plastic injection mold for over 2 decades. Plastic injection package mold is a big branch of our product. We specialize in PET preform mold, various cap mould, thin wall product mold, cup mould, IML moulding. For package moulds, we focus on multi-cavity, short cycle time, long mold life, easy maintenance, quick delivery. In order to realize […]

EDM experience in precision mold factory

Electric discharge machining (EDM) is an important process for plastic mold manufacturing. Some technical misunderstandings in the mold factory will cause the CNC EDM to fail to meet the expected accuracy, surface, efficiency and other requirements. The following common misunderstandings are analyzed and guided. Misunderstanding 1. Use the electrode to touch the workpiece to divide the center, often “offset” Guidance: […]