Silicone sponge tube

silicone sponge tube is a high temperature silicone foam extrusion products, it is different from silicone foam wafers, the main characteristics of different processes, belong to the molding process,   The foam tube is made of a large molded machine, which is also commonly known as a silicone sponge tube because it is like a sponge.   Our company’s silicone foam […]

China custom metal stampings

Custom metal stampings China custom metal stampings services-we offer high quality metal stamping parts at very competitive price. We help custom to find the most effective way to produce your metal parts. Cooperation model: OEM or ODM Design:       As per customer specific requirements or customer give us the specified sample; or the customer conceptual or preliminary design; or the customer sketched idea. Accept drawing format: .jpg / .dwg / .igs / .stp etc.. Material:     Sheet stock is of many materials, including carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass even plastics. Material condition: On flat sheet, plate coil supplying condition     Hot rolled or cold rolled or cold drawn […]

How to select materials for automobile stamping parts

How to select materials for automobile stamping parts? A brief description of auto stamping parts is the metal stamping parts that constitute auto parts. What principles need to be followed when selecting materials? When selecting materials, first select metal materials with different mechanical properties according to the type and use characteristics of automobile stamping parts, so as to achieve the […]

Cigarette tips&filter mould

      This is the product of cigarette tips & filter .  The weight of the sample is 0.92g. Height is 2.8cm. The diameter of bottom is 7-8 mm matching for the cigarette. Raw material is PS. It is made up of three parts,they are cigarette tip,inside filter and the small white part. So if want to manufacture this […]

Polycarbonate injection moulded product,PC plastic injection molding

PC injection molding Polycarbonate(PC) injection moulded product owns excellent performance, high transparency,good  impact resistance and creep resistance, wide temperature window. Adversely, some other PC injection moulded product features are: poor sensitivity of melt viscosity to shear rate, good sensitivity to temperature change, no obvious melting point, high melt viscosity,  finished products easily hydrolyzed and easy to crack under high temperature .  As a […]

China build a to scale replica of the Titanic

China is doing a China and they are currently in the process of building a replica of a piece of European history. Titanic, probably the most famous ship to have ever existed is having a to scale replica made in Sichuan, China. The Titanic was already famous in 1912 when it left the port of Southampton on its maiden voyage […]

3D printing technology enters the medical field, reshaping the “soul” of drugs in three-dimensional space

3D Printing teeth, 3D printing bones and joints, 3D printing heart models… Since 3D printing technology entered the medical field, this technology has brought many surprises to human beings. In the near future, 3D printing drugs may also come into our lives. Recently, Nanjing Sandieji Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.’s first 3D printed drug product, T19, has been approved by the […]