How to prevent hidden dangers in metal stamping processing?

How to prevent hidden dangers in metal stamping processing?Precision metal stamping processing is dangerous, but it is not really that dangerous. It is safe to follow the stamping processing system and operate properly. The stamping processing is still very safe.   During the metal stamping process, for safety reasons, pay attention to the adjusting screw of the slider and don't let […]

Electronics Industry Metal Stamping

We are professional metal stamping parts manufacturer in china,which offering high quality Electronics Industry Metal Stamping at competitive prices for many years. Electronics Industry Metal Stamping product  Electronics Industry Metal Stamping Dimension AS per the drawing or sample that provided by customers materialAvailable 1. Stainless Steel: SS201, SS301, SS303, SS304, SS316, SS416….. 2. Steel: 3. Brass: C36000, C37700, C38500, C27200, […]

Research on the sales of auto parts in a certain city

  Imported parts are not only affected by tariffs and exchange rates when the order is placed, but the local environment of the exporting country also affects the import of domestic parts. Parts imported from Europe and other places have been affected by local floods in the past few months and delayed their shipments. Orders placed a few months ago […]

What are the servo hydraulic presses used for?

Hearing the term Hydraulic Press, I believe everyone is familiar with it. Some customers of hydraulic press don’t know where they are used. In fact, hydraulic press and hydraulic press mean the same thing. Hydraulic press is a collective term. Any medium that uses hydraulic oil can be called hydraulic press. . Servo hydraulic machine has a wide range of […]

How to debug the stuck mold problem of the punch

How to debug the stuck mold problem of the punch Punch is a commonly used equipment in industrial production. Affected by its use environment, the equipment will inevitably have various failures during use. One of the more common failures is the card die. When this problem occurs, we The equipment needs to be debugged, and our commonly used debugging methods […]

Investment casting parts, made of silca sol shell, molding

Key Specifications/Special Features: Made of lost wax techniques Maximum size: 1,200 x 800 x 400mm Cast weight: 0.09g  to  120kg Main Export Markets: Asia Eastern Europe North America Western Europe Any third-party trademarks or images shown here are for reference purposes only. We are not authorized to sell any items bearing such trademarks. Link to this article:Investment casting parts, made […]

The problem of material selection for automotive stamping parts

The problem of material selection for automotive stamping parts Auto stamping parts are metal stamping parts that constitute auto parts. There are many varieties, such as spring trays, spring seats, spring brackets, end caps, caps, compression valve covers, compression valve sleeves, oil seal seats, bottom covers, dustproof Covers, impellers, oil cylinders, lugs, brackets, etc. are all automotive stamping parts. When […]

Zhuang Zhaolin, Secretary of the Xuzhou Municipal Party Committee, once again investigated Jiangsu Weiye

On the morning of August 8, Zhuang Zhaolin, secretary of the Xuzhou Municipal Party Committee, went to Xinyi City for investigation and walked into the Jiangsu Weiye Aluminum Production Base. Secretary Zhuang emphasized that development is the number one priority and innovation is the number one driving force.It is necessary to persist in innovation-driven, promote new products to accelerate the […]

Downy mildew Botrytis cinerea inhibitor

DESCRIPTION HK-809 is cinnamon extract emulsifier, etc. HK-809 has the advantages of high efficiency, non-toxicity, broad antibacterial spectrum, long lasting effect, etc. It has significant curative effect on fungi, mainly by destroying the fungal cell wall, so that The drug penetrates the fungal cell, destroys the organelles and plays a bactericidal effect. It has a strong inhibitory effect on common […]

Further bad news within the shipping industry

As the shipping industry faces one of its worst financial spells for some time, South Korean giant ‘Hanjin’ is the first to bite the dust. On Wednesday 31st August, a board meeting of the world’s seventh largest shipping company saw all members unanimously agree to a court filing, meaning they would be entering receivership. The filing has come about since […]