Why choose laser marking equipment before proofing

Nowadays, there are many applications of laser marking equipment, so many friends need to buy laser marking equipment, but many laser marking equipment manufacturers generally ask customers to make samples in advance. Why is this? Today, I will give you a specific introduction to the reasons for proofing before choosing laser marking equipment. Proofing refers to installing the workpiece to […]

Fiber laser tube cutting machine cutting stainless steel guardrail-Give you safety and beauty

Fiber laser tube Cutting Machine cutting stainless steel guardrail-Give you safety and beauty Whether it is on the balcony or by the river, stainless steel protective fences are required to prevent danger. In the process of stainless steel guardrail processing, fiber laser tube cutting machine plays an important role. Not only the cutting effect is good, it also ensures the […]

What should be paid attention to during the use of stone CNC engraving machine Upload to:08-09 2021

Stone CNC engraving machine is a high-tech mechatronics equipment, which also has certain requirements for the working environment. Avoid equipment that seriously affects the signal transmission of the engraving machine, such as strong electricity and strong magnetism. For example: welding machine, launch tower, etc;So what problems should be paid attention to during operation? 1. Working environment.   Using a three-core power […]

The precision CNC machined parts

If it is necessary to process precision parts, cnc machining will inevitably be used. Of course, we can also directly call CNC machined tools.CNC milling machine is a high-tech processing method for precision hardware parts. It can process various types of materials and can be processed into complex structures with square and round combinations.During the processing of precision CNC machined parts, […]

Newer Resources, Greater Energy

Over the years, technology and resources have been explored as well as discovered. China has been experimenting new techniques to help boost energy production. Recently, they have been medaling around with combustible ice, a natural gas hydrate. Combustible ice acts as a cage-like lattice of ice with methane that is trapped on the inside, the natural element in gas. These […]

Common faults and treatment methods of pickling units

1. After the shift, the equipment in the process section shall be patrolled: ⑴P1~P17 whether the pump is running smoothly (whether there is vibration), whether the pressure is normal, whether there is abnormal noise and leakage, whether the temperature of the bearing part and the motor casing is normal, and whether the valve Whether the opening and closing is normal […]

How to distinguish 304 and 201 stainless steel plates

304 stainless steel plate is one of the important materials in home decoration. Its anticorrosive, hard and bright characteristics are loved by the owners. However, there are still many friends who lack understanding of stainless steel. So, what is 304 stainless steel plate? What is the difference between 304 stainless steel plate and 201 stainless steel plate? First, what is […]

It is better to choose laser film cutting machine for self-adhesive cutting, as laser film cutting machine is available to position cutting, fly cutting and also special-shaped cutting

It is better to choose laser film Cutting Machine for self-adhesive cutting, as laser film cutting machine is available to position cutting, fly cutting and also special-shaped cutting Self-adhesives can be seen in daily life. Many of the paper information posted on products are made of self-adhesives. Self-adhesive stickers, also called instant stickers, pressure sensitive paper. After the bonding of […]

A Copper-Nickel-Silicon-Chromium Alloy for Mold Tooling

A review of the physical and mechanical properties of one copper alloy system will help moldmakers better understand how this alloy will perform thermally and mechanically in applications. By Robert E. Kusner, John C. Kuli Jr. and Douglas B. Veitch There are many industrial uses for high strength, high conductivity alloys. Copper, in its pure form, provides high conductivity, but […]