Analyze the selection method of woodworking cnc router machine inverter Upload to:10-15 2021

  Today, I mainly analyze the selection method of the frequency converter of the industrial engraving machine. The frequency converter is used as the main shaft motor drive of the woodworking cnc router machine. The main requirements are stable operation and smooth speed change. The full-speed fluctuation is small, and the low-speed torque is large, which can ensure low-speed cutting. Therefore, […]

Show demonstrates micro-manufacturing

At MM Live, which took place in Cheshire, UK, on 14 August 2008, product designers and manufacturers were able to see a variety of micro-manufacturing machines and technologies under one roof. The machines were seen in action producing precision micro-components Users of plastics parts found micro-injection moulding services, moulding machinery, and tooling expertise. Machines on show included a Babyplast injection […]

MTSCO 2018 Annual Meeting

China 2018 Annual Meeting  Last Friday, Jiaxing MT stainless steel co.,ltd. hold the 2018 annual meeting. 2018 is a year full of challenges and opportunities. Prices of raw materials are unstable, exchange rates is also changing great, China-US trade war……Despite the unstable external situation, we have achieved sales growth. Compared with 2017, our sales have increased by 40% this year. […]

Why choose stainless steel coiled tubing?

1. Reduce your cost The coiled tubing we produce can reach more than 1000 meters, which highly reduces the tubing unions and connections during installation, making the installation more convenient, highly reduces the total cost in installation, and also the maintenance cost. 2. Improve the security If you want to reduce the risk of leeks in the instrument of hydraulic […]

Where to find high quality metal stamping supplies?

In order to find high quality metal stamping supplies, we must know some experienced metal stamping supplies manufacturer. Here today, we will share some experienced metal stamping supplies manufacturer with you! 1. ImpressArt, the world’s leader in metal stamping, has an ever expanding selection of custom designed metal stamps, tools, kits and supplies developed with the … 2. […]

How do children wear children’s silicone masks?

Infants under 1 year of age are not suitable for wearing children’s silicone masks. Wearing a children’s silicone mask can affect their breathing. Not every child is suitable for wearing a children’s silicone mask. Babies under half a year are too young, which can easily lead to their discomfort. If they suffocate, they do not have the ability to break […]

Application of medical titanium bar

Medical titanium material is an important branch of material science. Medical titanium bar is a new carrier material with high technical content and high economic value, which is used for diagnosis, treatment or replacement of human tissues, organs or enhancement of their functions. It is a developing new field of material science and technology. Biomedical titanium bar material makes a […]

Drinking cup mould manufacturer

Sinomould is the best drinking cup mould manufacturer. We offer drinking cup mould in mould labeling solution! Drinking cup mould weight: 33.408g  Drinking cup mould: 1 cavity Drinking cup mould cycle time :15seconds Drinking cup mould injection machine: 120ton  Drinking cup mould lifetime : 1Million shots  Drinking cup mould design should pay high attention to the handle cooling. If handle thickness is very big, […]

Why Silicone Spoon Can Be Used As Baby Teether?

silicone Teether SpoonWhy this spoon made of silicone rubber also be called spoon teether?It is mainly because the multifunctional features of baby spoons. Baby spoons silicone is very soft and durable, so parents always give a soft spoon to their child when kids want to bite something.Are silicone baby spoons safe to be used as kids teether?Silicone spoon is must […]