40 years of ALD accumulation helps surpass Moore, and SIRUI completes the first stage of development layout

40 years of ALD accumulation helps surpass Moore, and SIRUI completes the first stage of development layout

Deposition, lithography, etching, and plasma implantation are the four key technologies for manufacturing processes in the semiconductor and Beyond Moore fields. In the investment and construction of new wafer production lines, about 80% of the investment is used to purchase equipment, and thin-film deposition equipment accounts for about 25% of it. The mainstream thin film deposition processes in the industry mainly include atomic layer deposition (ALD), physical vacuum deposition (PVD) and chemical vacuum deposition (CVD). Among them, ALD is a kind of CVD, which is the most advanced thin film deposition technology. A related report from research firm GIR shows that the global atomic layer deposition (ALD) equipment market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 25.1% from 2021 to 2026, from $1,066.1 million in 2019 to $2,612.9 million in 2026.

40 years of ALD accumulation helps surpass Moore, and SIRUI completes the first stage of development layout

Figure 1: The proportion of investment in semiconductor equipment

With 40 years of ALD accumulation and blessing, SIRUI joins hands with national innovation centers to accelerate industrial layout

“Focus on ALD innovation, help surpass Moore”, in May 2021, ALD equipment and service providers – Qingdao Sifang Sirui Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as SRII) and the National Intelligent Sensor Innovation Center (hereinafter referred to as the National Intelligent Sensor Innovation Center The strategic cooperation signing ceremony of the Innovation Center or NISIC) was officially launched in Shanghai. Mr. Nie Xiang, general manager of SIRUI, and Dr. Jiao Jiwei, vice president of the National Innovation Center, attended the signing ceremony. Participants from both directions said that this strategic cooperation will be oriented towards the Beyond Moore field, and will carry out joint research and development in important fields such as MEMS and CMOS image sensors based on atomic layer deposition (ALD) technology. and technological innovation.

40 years of ALD accumulation helps surpass Moore, and SIRUI completes the first stage of development layout

Figure 2: Mr. Nie Xiang (left) and Dr. Jiao Jiwei formally signed the strategic cooperation on behalf of both parties

Mr. Nie Xiang said: “The Yangtze River Delta region represented by Shanghai is the highland of China’s semiconductor industry, and the National Innovation Center is also the leading institution in the field of Beyond Moore. Leveraging on the nearly 40 years of ALD technology research and development by SIRUI’s BENEQ company Experience and world-class ALD equipment and solutions, the two parties will cooperate in depth to jointly establish a technology center and industrialization center in the field of Beyond Moore, provide comprehensive and systematic technical solutions for the industry with an open and inclusive mechanism, and jointly promote the field of Beyond Moore Industrialization and innovative development.” Among them, SIRUI’s 8” ALD equipment has been successfully equipped in the Beyond Moore R&D pilot line of the National Innovation Center, which meets the development needs of national strategic emerging industries.

Dr. Jiao Jiwei said: “The strategic cooperation between the National Innovation Center and SIRUI Intelligence will take ALD equipment and technology as the starting point and fulcrum. In the future, the localization of manufacturing equipment, including new materials for semiconductors, new MEMS processes, and ALD artificial intelligence, Internet New applications and other directions to explore. This signing ceremony marks a new level of cooperation between the two parties, and we look forward to the two parties and more industrial partners working together on the track beyond Moore for common development.”

ALD technology becomes the “first choice”, BENEQ TransformTM breaks through the boundaries of productivity efficiency and new heights of performance

In fact, with the application and development of new materials, new processes, and new processes in the emerging semiconductor manufacturing industry, ALD technology can make materials deposited on the surface of the substrate in the form of a single-atom film (0.1nm), and the thickness of the deposited layer can be controlled. , 3D special-shaped material surface uniformity, no pinholes on the surface, refractive index and other aspects have significant advantages, so it is especially suitable for the manufacture and production of MEMS, CMOS image sensors and other products, and has gradually become the first choice of coating deposition technology in the field of Beyond Moore.

40 years of ALD accumulation helps surpass Moore, and SIRUI completes the first stage of development layout

Figure 3: Patrick Rabinzohn, head of the semiconductor business of BENEQ, a subsidiary of SIRUI, explained the application case of ALD in the field of Beyond Moore.

In this regard, BENEQ, a wholly-owned subsidiary of SIRUI, launched a new TransformTM series of equipment, which is a competitive ALD solution specially provided for the More than Moore application market. The TransformTM platform adopts a new cluster design and cutting-edge coating deposition technology, which can deposit a variety of materials on the surface of 8″ and below wafers, including oxides and nitrides such as Al2O3, SiO2, AlN, TiN, etc., and achieve complete conformality and high uniformity of thin film deposition.

40 years of ALD accumulation helps surpass Moore, and SIRUI completes the first stage of development layout

Figure 4: TransformTM series equipment representing the industry’s top general-purpose ALD technology

Patrick Rabinzohn, head of BENEQ’s semiconductor business, said: “The TransformTM platform is compatible with monolithic, batch, thermal and plasma functions. It is the only general-purpose advanced platform in the industry that integrates multiple functions. Not only that, the TransformTM platform is more With the advantage of flexible configuration, customers can choose ‘3 sets of ALD modules + preheating modules’ to build the standard configuration of TransformTM, or ‘2 sets of ALD modules + preheating modules’ to build a simplified configuration of TransformTM Lite according to their own needs, to achieve differentiation , more efficient production and management methods, and opened up intentional orders among mainstream manufacturers.”

Taking the deposition of 50-nanometer alumina as an example, if the standard TransformTM system is used, the maximum output can reach more than 40 wafers per hour, and even the Lite equipment can reach more than 25 wafers per hour. The traditional cognition can be described as a subversive technological breakthrough!

According to Patrick, the BENEQ TransformTM platform has passed SEMI S2/S8 certification, supports SECS/GEM standards, and is gradually moving towards mature deposition technology for 12” wafers, which will provide customers with flexible, reliable, high-capacity semiconductor wafer coating mass production solutions.

Broaden the market application matrix and empower a wide range of industry innovations with general-purpose ALD technology

In addition to vertical breakthroughs in technology, performance, and production capacity, with BENEQ’s advanced general-purpose ALD technology, SIRUI is expanding application innovations in more cutting-edge vertical industries.

In another speech of the Finnish expert of remote connection, Alexander Perros, BENEQ’s semiconductor business technical director, introduced: “BENEQ’s general-purpose ALD technology has a rich application matrix of Beyond Moore, including power devices, filters, MEMS and CIS. At the same time, BENEQ has launched different ALD solutions for different market segments, mainly including high-K dielectrics, surface passivation, ALD nucleation layers, chemical barrier layers, moisture barrier layers, and anti-reflection coatings.” For example, surface passivation Different ALD materials can be used to achieve surface passivation, and the moisture barrier plays a key role in packaging; these are all highly versatile in a wide range of applications.

40 years of ALD accumulation helps surpass Moore, and SIRUI completes the first stage of development layout

Figure 5: Example of application domain matrix for BENEQ’s general-purpose ALD technology

To sum up, ALD is one of the advanced technologies required for traditional semiconductor processes, and it is also a key technology for the development of emerging semiconductors, pan-semiconductors and non-semiconductor industries represented by optical coatings. SIRUI is committed to becoming a world-class ALD equipment and service provider by providing cutting-edge, innovative and flexible ALD equipment and service solutions.

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