A few questions to help you fully understand the Industrial Internet

A few questions to help you fully understand the Industrial Internet

  What is the Industrial Internet?

The three elements of the Industrial Internet are: people, data, and machines.

The essence of the Industrial Internet is to closely connect equipment, production lines, employees, factories, warehouses, suppliers, products and customers through an open and global communication network platform, and to share various elements and resources of the entire industrial production process. Make it digitized, networked, automated, and intelligent, so as to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

There is an old Chinese saying: “When the water flows, it is clear, and when people move, they live.” In martial arts films, it is always said: “By opening up the two veins of Ren and Du, the skill will be multiplied.”

These all illustrate the importance of “flow through”. The Industrial Internet is to “flow” data.

A few questions to help you fully understand the Industrial Internet

 Who first proposed the Industrial Internet?

The concept of “Industrial Internet” was first proposed by General Electric in 2012, and then five leading companies in the US industry joined forces to form the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) to vigorously promote this concept. In addition to manufacturing giants such as General Electric, IT companies such as IBM, Cisco, Intel and AT&T have joined the alliance.

A few questions to help you fully understand the Industrial Internet

  The Industrial Internet is: Industry + Internet?

I am here to tell you that this is not the case~

First of all, we need to know that the Industrial Internet does not refer to the Internet that acts on the industry. It refers to the digitalization, informatization and intelligent transformation of the entire industry; it refers to the industrial equipment (production equipment, logistics equipment, energy measurement, Quality inspection, vehicles, etc.), information systems, business processes, enterprise products and services, and the interconnection between personnel, realize the interconnection between enterprise IT network and industrial control network, and realize vertical interconnection from workshop to decision-making level;

A few questions to help you fully understand the Industrial Internet

  Why is the Industrial Internet a must for the future development of industrial enterprises?

With the continuous development of the times, industrial interconnection is no longer an area that we can’t know without touching it. Leading companies are making corporate reforms. In factories, it is difficult to leave the process from ordering → manufacturing → sales. Network, that is to say, he is a must. If enterprises do not make corresponding reforms, they will be eliminated by the times.

We can look back at Industry 1.0, the age of steam; Industry 2.0, the age of electricity; and Industry 3.0, the age of Electronic information. Since then, the industry has embarked on the road of informatization.

Today, a profound technological change is taking place, and we are at the beginning of this change.

So, what will Industry 4.0, or the Fourth Industrial Revolution, look like?

Industry 4.0 is the fourth industrial revolution led by intelligent manufacturing. The factory integrates production equipment, wireless signal connections and sensors into the link of an ecological platform. This system will autonomously supervise the entire production line process and execute decisions autonomously. This system leverages cloud computing, Internet of Things, Industrial Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and cognitive computing.

  How is Industry 4.0 different from the Industrial Internet?

Industry 4.0 aims to promote the transformation of production or service mode from centralized control to decentralized enhanced control, helping to achieve highly flexible personalized and digital production or service. The Industrial Internet pays more attention to software, network and big data, with the purpose of realizing the integration of communication, control and computing.

A few questions to help you fully understand the Industrial Internet

A few questions to help you fully understand the Industrial Internet

Industry 4.0 is the fourth industrial revolution proposed by Germany, establishing a highly free digital and personalized production model of products and services. The embodiment of the Industrial Internet includes the fourth industrial revolution in the United States. The core of developing advanced digital manufacturing technologies, including advanced production technology platforms, advanced manufacturing processes, and design and data infrastructure, is to encourage innovation, and to reshape the industrial landscape and activate traditional industries through information technology.

China is called “Made in China 2025” Made in China 2025 was formulated by more than 100 academicians and experts to design long-term plans and top-level buildings for China’s manufacturing industry in the next 10 years. The three major transformations of Chinese products to Chinese brands will promote China to basically achieve industrialization by 2025 and enter the ranks of manufacturing powerhouses.


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