Actively “de-beautify”?TSMC has changed: 66% of parts are sourced locally

According to Taiwanese media reports, TSMC, the leader in foundry manufacturing, has hit new highs year by year in capital expenditures in recent years, and TSMC’s procurement ratio to Taiwanese suppliers is also increasing.


In terms of raw materials, spare parts and back-end equipment, the proportion of TSMC’s procurement of Taiwanese suppliers is increasing year by year, of which the goal of this year’s spare parts is 66%.

Although Taiwanese manufacturers cannot compete with European and American semiconductor equipment manufacturers in mainstream equipment, they have certain competitiveness in equipment module foundry, secondary equipment, spare parts and raw materials.

TSMC expects that the procurement ratio of raw materials to Taiwanese suppliers will reach 46% this year, which can be increased by 2% compared with last year; the goal of spare parts is 66%, an increase of 1% compared with last year; the procurement ratio of back-end equipment is about 33%, compared with last year. flat.

TSMC said that choosing more Taiwanese supply chain companies has the advantages of improving supply flexibility, shortening new product development time, and reducing unnecessary costs.

Taiwanese supply chain manufacturers said that to enter the TSMC supply chain, they need to invest a lot of energy in system automation and quality improvement, and TSMC will also conduct rigorous assessments and guidance for improvement.

Founded in 1987, TSMC is the world’s largest foundry semiconductor manufacturing plant, with customers including Apple, Qualcomm, and more. Its headquarters are located in Hsinchu Science Industrial Park, Hsinchu, Taiwan, China.

At the close on Tuesday, TSMC (NYSE:TSM) shares rose 0.93% to $80.51, with a total market value of about $417.531 billion.

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