Aluminum alloy casing CNC processing profile technology breakthrough

Aluminum alloy cnc machining, formwork profiles are one of the more favored materials in the construction industry. With the development of China's real estate industry and the advancement of marketization, the demand for aluminum alloy formwork profiles is increasing. The production of aluminum alloy formwork profiles requires mold forming, and the mold has an important determining effect on the quality of the aluminum alloy formwork profile
Analysis of aluminum alloy CNC machining formwork molds is of great help for the production and selection of high-quality molds. Therefore, the analysis of 7050 aluminum alloy formwork formwork molds is particularly important. The following are the characteristics of aluminum alloy formwork molds made by the insiders. And technical difficulty analysis:    (1) The template requires industrialized mass production, the first key is to improve the service life of the mold.    (2) Most of the semi-hollow profiles in the formwork profile, the tongue ratio is greater than 5, the accuracy of the size and shape requirements is ultra-high precision, and a special structure of the mold is required to ensure the profile forming, and to achieve high precision, and to ensure the mold It has sufficient strength, no deformation, no cracking, no collapse, and high service life.    (3) There are many varieties of formwork profiles, complex shapes and large dimensional changes. Therefore, it is required to design and manufacture high-quality molds of different specifications, different structures and different forms to ensure the forming, size and shape accuracy, and a large amount of experimental work is required.    (4) The template profile requires high surface smoothness, high dimensional and dimensional accuracy. Therefore, it is necessary to use high-quality die steel and strict mold heat treatment process and machining to implement all CNC process specifications in order to obtain high strength, high toughness and high precision. High quality mold with low surface roughness.    (5) The width and thickness ratio of the flat and wide formwork profiles are more than 100. The wide and thin wall plate parts are difficult to ensure the dimensional accuracy and the plane clearance. It is necessary to use a special structure of wide-spreading and splitting mold to reasonably distribute the metal flow. In order to ensure the forming and high-precision dimensional requirements of the profile, the processing of the aluminum alloy casing, in particular, ensures ultra-high-precision shape tolerances, and the technical difficulty is greater.

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