Aluminum casing CNC processing plant needs to pay attention to the processing matters

Personnel working in aluminum casing CNC processing plants maintain this habit every day. For example, the equipment will be inspected half an hour before the parts are processed to ensure no accidents and no damage. Secondly, thoroughly clean up and keep no dead ends. If you use an air gun to clean debris, make sure the tool is installed on the spindle so that it does not lose to the machine.Lubricants are essential tools for manufacturing operations. The use of lubricants ensures long-term efficient operation of the machine. Therefore, ensure sufficient oil before production, and then turn the spindle on for preheating. Avoid machine errors.The aluminum casing CNC processing plant also has high requirements for machine tools. The choice of the machine tool must match the processing model and size of the part. If it involves the blank part, it must be polished in advance. Although these tasks seem cumbersome, the nuances can cause accidents. For example, if the tool is not selected correctly, the knife will be released. This requires the tool to be machined in advance, and the appropriate tool type for the part processing material. Make sure the installation is in place.
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