Antiflaming silicone products

Antiflaming silicone products is a kind of silicone products which prevent flame . How is the antiflaming silicone can not burn .

Antiflaming silicone products are able to prevent flame ,because there is a Silicone rubber flame retardant added to silicone rubber materials .The silicone rubber flame retardant can release water and absorb a large number of latent heat when thermal decomposition .So it can reduces the actual temperture of the surface of material ,and make polymer degradation be to combustible low molecular , reduce the speed of combustible low molecular and release a large amount of water vapor to bring down Oxygen and combustible gas concentration near polymer . So the surface of silicone rubber hard to burn .For example ,magnesium hydrate will start decompose and Slow endothermic in the high temperature 340 ℃ ,and decomposition completely to be magnesium oxide in 490℃ .Magnesium oxide is a good refractory material ,and conducive to the formation of a surface layer of carbide for improve the ability to resist fire to Isolate air and prevent burning .

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