Application channels of Dongguan servo press

Various application channels of Dongguan servo press:

1. Servo press grade classification

Servo press is divided into medium and high configuration. In the traditional press fitting industry, there are generally more manufacturers of medium configuration servo press. One is cost-effective. The price is affordable and it has a wide range of general applications. The second is precision intelligent digital press fitting, with multi-functional online numerical control display and control, environmental protection and energy saving, and can be used in a 10,000-class dust-free workshop.

2. Advantages of high-end equipment

The advantages of equipment control operation are completed by servo drive and control integrated instead of PLC advanced precision controller, high precision, good performance, intuitive interface, powerful functions, pressure and position data collection speed is several times that of PLC. Fast acquisition and smooth shutdown.

3.Introduction of functional advantages

  • 1. Automatically identify defective products during the press-fitting process. After the equipment is set to go online and offline, it will overtake the online and offline alarms and stop. Alarm faults can be queried in the background;
  • 2. The pressing force, pressing depth, pressure speed, pressure holding time, etc. can all be entered on the operation panel;
  • 3. The whole process curve diagram of pressing force and displacement can be displayed on the LCD touch screen; the whole process control can automatically determine whether the product is qualified at any stage of the operation, and remove defective products in real time, thereby realizing online quality management;
  • 4. 100 sets of press-fitting programs can be customized, stored and called; seven press-fitting modes are available to choose from to meet your different technological needs.
  • Connect to a computer through an external port, and the press-fitting data can be stored in the computer to ensure the traceability of product processing data and facilitate production quality control and management;

4.The introduction of the servo press

The structure of the servo press includes four-column servo press, bow-type servo press, horizontal servo press, which have different names in different industries. The servo press equipment mostly adopts four-column structure, the pressure is uniform, and the parallel accuracy can be controlled. Tune. The built-in two guide posts can fine-tune the parallel and press-fitting force. The press-fitting stroke is customized according to product requirements. According to different products, different structural shapes are matched.

5. Servo press

  • 1. Automotive industry: press-fitting of engine components (cylinder head, liner, oil seal, etc.), press-fitting of steering gear components, etc.
  • 2. Electronic industry: circuit board assembly (plug-in, etc.), electronic parts and components.
  • 3. Motor industry: micro-motor component press-fitting (spindle, housing, etc.) motor component press-fitting (bearing, spindle, etc.).
  • 4. Other industries: home appliance industry, machinery industry and other occasions that require precision CNC press-fitting displacement and press-fitting force.
  • 5. Hardware industry; stainless steel/stainless iron components press-fit large hardware products, precision press-fit, etc.

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