Application of Foam Copper

Foam copper is a new type of multifunctional material with a large number of connected or unconnected pores evenly distributed in the copper matrix. Copper foam has good conductivity and ductility, and its preparation cost is lower than that of nickel foam, and its conductivity is better. It can be used to prepare battery negative electrode (carrier) materials, catalyst carriers, and electromagnetic shielding materials. In particular, foamed copper is used as the base material of the battery as an electrode, which has some obvious advantages, but copper has a lower corrosion resistance than nickel, which limits its applications.

Copper foam is a new type of functional material, which is mainly used in the following fields:

(1) Electrode material. The excellent electrical conductivity makes foamed copper widely used in electrode frame materials of new batteries such as nickel-zinc batteries and electric double layer capacitors. At present, foamed copper has been tested by many nickel-zinc battery manufacturers and put into mass use. At the same time, foam Copper is expected to be widely used as an electrode collector for electric double layer capacitors. In addition, the use of copper foam as an electrode material for electrolytic recovery of copper-containing wastewater also has very broad prospects.

(2) Catalyst. In many organic chemical reactions, people try to directly use the foamed copper with large specific surface area to replace the punched copper plate as a chemical reaction catalyst; the foamed copper as a photocatalytic air purification carrier has also been successfully applied.

(3) Thermally conductive material. Copper foam has excellent thermal conductivity, making it a flame-retardant material with excellent performance, and it has been used in many advanced fire-fighting equipment abroad, especially as a flame isolation equipment. It has excellent effects; in addition, people use the excellent thermal conductivity of foam copper And apparent permeability, made into heat dissipation materials for motors and electrical appliances.

(4) Silencing and shielding materials. Acoustic waves diffusely reflect on the surface of the foamed copper, and achieve the effect of sound attenuation through the principles of expansion sound attenuation and microporous sound attenuation. The shielding performance of copper is close to that of silver, and it is an electromagnetic shielding material with excellent performance.

(5) Filter material. Copper foam metal products with excellent structural characteristics and basically harmless to the human body have also been successfully applied as medical filter materials; at the same time, the application of copper foam in water purification devices also has a good future.

(6) Fluid pressure buffer material. Copper foam has a dispersing and buffering effect on the fluid, making it a decompression protection device for various pressure instruments with excellent effects.

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