Application of handheld laser welding machine in the field of sheet metal processing

In the field of sheet metal processing, laser welding has obvious advantages compared with traditional welding methods such as argon arc welding: high efficiency, small thermal deformation, beautiful appearance, high strength, no need for polishing after welding, seamless butt bending after welding Processes such as punching and cutting. The following editor briefly introduces the problems of handheld laser welding machines:

The quality of hand-held welding machines on the market is uneven. According to many customers’ responses, the quality of the hand-held welding machines that have been purchased is uneven. Frequent failures during use and untimely after-sales service have seriously delayed production and normal delivery. In order to reduce costs and increase profit margins for some manufacturers, it is difficult to guarantee the quality of equipment.

In response to the pain points of the above problems, Chutian Laser launched a handheld laser welding machine, which not only has the advantages of traditional laser welding, but also has high cost performance and convenient and flexible operation. Advertising, kitchenware, metal crafts, purification equipment, cabinets, electrical control cabinets, stainless steel doors and windows and other sheet metal fields are favored by many customers. In addition to the accumulation of more than ten years in the laser industry, based on a deep understanding of the sheet metal industry and customer needs In-depth exploration, try to meet the needs of customers, launched a handheld professional laser welding machine for the sheet metal industry.

Compared with other hand-held welding machines on the market, this type of equipment has the advantages of more stable quality, simpler operation, and more convenient maintenance, which is highly in line with customer needs.

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