Are there many types of precision CNC machining parts ?

Why is the work of precision machining equipment nowadays more and more important? What types of precision machining machinery are divided into? How to tell ?
  1. High-speed, precision CNC lathes, turning centers and multi-axis combined machining machines. Mainly meet the needs of aerospace, aviation, instrumentation, instrumentation, electronic information and bioengineering industries.
2. High-speed, high-precision CNC milling and boring machine and high-speed, high-precision vertical horizontal machining center. It mainly meets the needs of large-scale complex structural brackets, shells, cabinets, light metal materials and precision parts for automobile engine cylinder heads and aerospace, high-tech industries.
3, heavy-duty, super-heavy cnc machine tools: CNC floor milling and boring machine, heavy-duty CNC gantry boring and milling machine and gantry machining center, heavy-duty CNC horizontal lathe and vertical lathe, CNC heavy-duty hobbing machine, etc., this kind of products meet energy, aerospace, military , ship mainframe manufacturing, heavy machinery manufacturing, large mold processing, steam turbine cylinders and other industrial parts processing needs.
4. CNC grinding machines: CNC super-precision grinding machines, high-speed high-precision crankshaft grinders and camshaft grinding machines, all kinds of high-precision high-speed special grinding machines, etc., to meet the demand of precision ultra-precision machining.
5, CNC electric machining machine tools: large-scale precision CNC EDM machine tools, CNC low-speed wire EDM cutting machine tools, precision small hole electric machine tools, etc., mainly to meet large and precision mold processing, precision parts processing, tapered or shaped holes Processing and special needs of aerospace, aviation and other industries.
6, CNC metal forming machine tools (forging equipment): CNC high-speed precision sheet metal stamping equipment, laser cutting compound machine, CNC powerful spinning machine, etc., mainly to meet the needs of high-volume production of sheet metal in the automotive, motorcycle, electronic information industry, home appliances and other industries And the processing needs of various thin-walled, high-strength, high-precision rotary parts in the automotive wheel and military industry.
7, CNC special machine tools and production lines: flexible processing automatic production line (FMS / FMC) and a variety of special CNC machine tools, such production lines for the automotive, home appliances and other industries processing cylinders, cylinder heads, gearbox boxes, and many other varieties Batch housing, box parts processing needs.
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