The advantage of silicone mask filter cotton

the advantage of silicone mask filter cotton   Generally, many masks are disposable masks on the market, disposable masks’ main body is composed of filter material, If the mask had damaged then it should be discarded. Therefore, there will be a replaceable filter material half mask, silicone mask is a protective mask that can be used for a long time, easy […]

Food Grade Silicone Tubes

Food-grade silicone tube silicing raw materials, by scientific formula and advanced technology processing. The product has soft, high temperature resistance, high transparency, tasteless, non-yellowing, non-spray cream and other advantages   Food-grade silicone tubes Key features: 1, soft, good elasticity, resistant to distortion; 2, non-toxic, tasteless, highly transparent, not yellow; 3, not cracking, long service life, cold, high temperature; 4, tear […]

2012-10-22 17:51 2012 Autumn Canton Fair(First Phase) is end

2012-10-22 17:512012 Autumn Canton Fair(First Phase) is end Our company attended the 112 Canton Fair(Oct.15-19,2012) achieved fruitful results. Please keep the source and address of this article for reprinting:2012-10-22 17:51 2012 Autumn Canton Fair(First Phase) is end Reprint Statement: If there are no special instructions, all articles on this site are original. Please indicate the source for reprinting.:Cnc Machine Wiki,Thanks

Why is sheet metal fiber laser cutting machine cutting coffee machine more and more popular?

Why is sheet metal fiber laser Cutting Machine cutting coffee machine more and more popular? As Chinese consumers' preference for coffee continues to increase, and this brings development opportunities to the sheet metal fiber laser cutting machine cutting coffee machine market.   A perfect coffee machine Need a humanized design concept Need more exquisite craftsmanship It must meet both practical […]

Polycarbonate injection moulded product,PC plastic injection molding

PC injection molding Polycarbonate(PC) injection moulded product owns excellent performance, high transparency,good  impact resistance and creep resistance, wide temperature window. Adversely, some other PC injection moulded product features are: poor sensitivity of melt viscosity to shear rate, good sensitivity to temperature change, no obvious melting point, high melt viscosity,  finished products easily hydrolyzed and easy to crack under high temperature .  As a […]

3D printing technology enters the medical field, reshaping the “soul” of drugs in three-dimensional space

3D Printing teeth, 3D printing bones and joints, 3D printing heart models… Since 3D printing technology entered the medical field, this technology has brought many surprises to human beings. In the near future, 3D printing drugs may also come into our lives. Recently, Nanjing Sandieji Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.’s first 3D printed drug product, T19, has been approved by the […]

2021China wins another honor Upload to:04-06 2021

Good news! The beginning of the new year, In March,  China won the high-tech enterprise certificate jointly issued by Shandong Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Shandong Provincial Department of Finance, and Shandong Provincial Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation. The certificate number is GR202037003142. Technological innovation and development, science and technology lead the future. A high-tech enterprise […]