Basic concepts and differences between switch cascading and stacking

[Abstract]: This article briefly describes the two concepts of switch cascading and stacking, and discusses and analyzes the differences between the two.

[Keywords]: Differences in the concept of switch cascade stacking


1. Understanding of basic concepts:

Stacking is the connection between backplanes, which integrates several switches into a whole. Cascade is the connection of ports.

Cascading is shared, and stacking is exclusive.

Cascading is connected to other switches through a certain port of the switch, and stacking is connected through the backplane of the switch Coming.

Although both cascading and stacking can achieve the expansion of the number of ports, each switch or switch after cascading is still logically multiple networked devices, and the stacked switches or switches are logically one network-managed device. device of.

Second, the difference between cascading and stacking:

Between the switches through the panelUp-Link口cascade.Up-LinkThe mouth is actually a reverse connectionRJ-45Port, connect a switchUp-LinkConnect to any one of another switchRJ-45That is, cascading between switches is realized.Up-LinkPort allows the user to pass the two switchesRJ-45When the ports are connected together, the trouble of making a crossover cable is eliminated.

Features of cascade:

1.Using a switchRJ-45Mouth realization;

2.The cascading cable is the standard Category 5 twisted pair cable;

3.The cascading distance is longer,10Mega-hours100rice,100Mega-hours5rice

4.Switches of different manufacturers can be cascaded with each other;

Disadvantages of cascading:

1.Since the signal passes from one switch to anotherRJ-45Port, coded/The decoding process has a long delay;

2.Must occupy twoRJ-45Port (one for each of the two switches);

  3.User will lose performance/Price ratio, which is more obvious for switches with higher port costs;

  4.The number of switches that allow cascading is small,10Zhaowei5Piece,100Zhaowei2Piece;

The stacking of switches connects the backbones of several switches to form a large logically single switch.

Features of stacking:

  1.The stack passes through a dedicated stack port and cannot be connected with other switchesRJ-45Mixed

  2.The stacking cable is defined by the manufacturer;

  3.The stacking port is defined by the manufacturer. Therefore, unless the products of different manufacturers are exactly the same, they cannot be stacked on each other;

  4.Because it is a backbone connection, the signal transmission between switches is through the backbone instead ofRJ-45Mouth, so the response time is shorter;

  5.exist100trillionThe internetAmong them, the number of stackable switches is obviously more than the number that can be cascaded;

Insufficiency of stacking:

  1.Because it is connected to the backbone, the manufacturer’s requirement for stacking cables is as short as possible, and too long will affect the performance of the entire system;

  2.Because it is connected to the backbone, if the stacking cable is short-circuited, the switch may not work or the switch may be damaged;

Warning: Do not connect other signals, such as switchesRJ-45The signal coming from the port is connected to the stack port.

Switch stacking method:

Take a paragraph8Core Category 5 twisted pair, cut into50MmOne paragraph, one high-quality one at each endRJ-45Head, in a one-to-one correspondence: needle1Pin1,Needle2Pin2……Needle8Pin8The way willRJ-45Connect the twisted-pair cable to the head and make two in the same way. Stack all the switches together. The two lower stacking ports of the upper switch are connected to the two upper stacking ports of the lower switch, and the left is connected to the left and the right is connected to the right. , And so on, realize the stacking of switches.


  1.In a switch stacking system, all switches must be powered on to form an effective data transmission path, even if the switch is not used temporarily, the power should be turned on, otherwise network communication will be disconnected;

  2.Stacking cables cannot be plugged or unplugged under power; otherwise, the switch may be damaged;

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