Blickfeld unveils new long-range lidar that can detect objects up to 250 meters away

According to foreign media reports, Blickfeld, a leading supplier of solid-state lidar technology, has launched the latest addition to its product lineup – the Cube Range. The MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical System)-based lidar sensor has an extended range to detect objects up to 250 meters away. Along with other products within the Blickfeld Cube lineup, Blickfeld can now offer a complete lidar kit for self-driving cars.


(Image credit: Blickfeld)

The Cube Range sensor is a powerful 3D solid-state lidar for the mass market, with a detection range of 150 meters at 10% reflectivity, and a 250-meter detection range is easier to achieve if the reflectivity is higher. In addition, this lidar has an excellent resolution of 0.18 (longitude/latitude) degrees.

The proven Blickfeld technology, capable of mass-producing cost-effective sensors, consists of a proprietary silicon-based MEMS micromirror embedded in a coaxial structure based on commercial standard parts.

Due to the high resolution and long detection distance of the Cube Range lidar, the need for accurate detection of moving targets is solved. By accurately generating a dense 3D point cloud and then evaluating it in real time using Blickfeld’s software, it ensures that the surrounding environment is accurately detected even in darkness, fog or strong sunlight.

Dr Mathias Müller, co-founder and CEO of Blickfeld, said: “Cube Range is an excellent lidar with excellent characteristics to provide a reliable image of the environment in a variety of conditions, making it ideal for use on motorways. of vehicles. Self-driving cars are just one use case for this lidar, which is also in huge demand in areas such as security, agriculture, and smart cities. So, we are even more pleased that the Cube Range has proven itself in multiple projects Its excellent ability will go on sale in 2019.”

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