Bu Lan, Secretary of the Baiyun District Party Committee, visited Chinalco’s Guizhou enterprises for investigation

On August 8th, Bu Lan, Secretary of the Baiyun District Party Committee of Guiyang City, and Zhou Liang, Vice Chairman of the Baiyun District Political Consultative Conference, came to Chinalco Guizhou Enterprise. The company’s deputy general manager Yang Menggang and Guizhou Aluminum Plant’s deputy general manager Peng Tao conducted a discussion and investigated the production and operation of the company, the development plan during the “9th Five-Year Plan” period, the new industrialization of Baiyun District and the development of aluminum fine and deep processing industrial clusters.The heads of the Baiyun District Party Committee Office, the Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, and the Finance Department, Project Department, and Enterprise Management Department of Guizhou Branch attended the meeting.

Bu Lan pointed out that with the renewal and transformation of cities, the iterative upgrade of industries, and the retreat of precious aluminum into the park, Baiyun District took the initiative to take the initiative to include the ecological food industry and new material industry that are in line with green development into the industrial development plan, and promote the “industry” at full speed. “New city, quality white cloud” construction; while “holding” advantages, making the deep aluminum industry chain, in the economic development structure, the real economy focusing on mid-to-high-end manufacturing and high-end consumption is accelerating and growing. Hope to cooperate with precious aluminum Work together to promote aluminum intensive processing and other industries, and promote the development of industrial clusters in Baiyun District, from the “Plateau Aluminum City” to the “New Industrial City”.

Chen Gang expressed his gratitude to the Baiyun District Party Committee and the District Government for in-depth guidance of Chinalco’s Guizhou enterprises.He briefly introduced the production and operation of the company in 2021, as well as the current status of corporate transformation and development, and deepening reforms. He said that he will organize special classes in accordance with the arrangements of the district party committee and the district government to implement the work and fully support and cooperate with Baiyun District to do the relevant work. Work and make greater contributions to the economic and social development of Baiyun District.

He Fei pointed out that precious aluminum has a solid foundation for industrial development. The development of Chinalco’s Guizhou enterprise is consistent with the actual industrial development of the Baiyun District government. It is hoped that the government and enterprises can work together to give full play to the location advantages, talent advantages, and equipment of precious aluminum. Technological advantages, revitalize assets, build a new type of industrialized physical base, and seek common future development.

Yang Menggang made suggestions on the aspects of technology, resources, ecological and environmental protection in the extension of aluminum deep processing.

Peng Tao put forward suggestions for supporting the aluminum industry and developing aluminum deep processing.

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