M&A in a pandemic age

Polymer Transaction Advisors Inc. used some pandemic-era strategies to sell a pair of materials firms earlier this year. In early 2020, Foxfire, N.C.-based PTA was contacted by the executives who owned Duromer Products Pty. of Sydney and DuroColur Vietnam Ltd. of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The owners of those firms — that make compounds and concentrates — were looking […]

2013-08-27 11:21 CNC industry to actively break through the bottleneck

2013-08-27 11:21CNC industry to actively break through the bottleneck After years of rapid development, CNC machinery industry in the face of market opportunities in the same time, industry has gradually entered a bottleneck, some contradictions gradually revealed, too many problems to be a breakthrough, only to better address the core technology behind the product quality and structure of these outstanding […]

How to control the temperature when the die casting mold is produced?

Controlling the surface temperature of is essential for the production of high quality die castings. Uneven or inappropriate zinc die-casting mold temperature can also lead to instability of casting size. During the production process, the casting deforms, resulting in defects such as hot pressing, sticking, surface depression, shrinkage, and hot air bubbles. When the temperature difference of the zinc die-casting […]

What are the machine maintenance knowledge of laser cutting equipment

Nowadays, it is very common to choose laser cutting equipment when performing cutting operations. Such high-end precision equipment must pay attention to maintenance while using it, otherwise it will increase the failure rate and affect the final cutting effect. Today Let’s talk about the general maintenance knowledge of most types of laser cutting equipment. First, when it comes to the […]

Carbon steel processing–LXF1530 fiber 1kw 2kw metal laser cutting cutter machine

The application of carbon steel is getting wider and wider, but in the traditional carbon steel processing process, due to the lack of equipment, the processed carbon steel has cracks, delamination, white spots, impurities, looseness and so on. Therefore, the fiber laser Cutting Machine for cnc 1530 conforming to the current situation has become the choice in carbon steel processing. When laser […]

Bezos sells 2.5 billion U.S. dollars of Amazon stock, first large-scale cash out this year

On May 6, Amazon’s regulatory filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) showed that its founder, Jeff Bezos, sold approximately $2.5 billion worth of Amazon stock this week. After selling more than US$10 billion worth of stocks in 2020, it is the first large-scale cash out this year. Regulatory documents show that Bezos sold approximately 739,000 Amazon shares […]

Which fiber laser marking equipment manufacturer is better?

Which fiber laser marking equipment manufacturer is better? Which fiber laser marking equipment manufacturer is better? With the development of the laser industry, laser technology is not mysterious anymore, but more and more related to our lives, including our basic necessities that are inseparable from the existence of laser technology. Laser equipment mainly include CO2 laser cutting equipment, fiber laser […]

Cleaning and maintenance tips for laser cutting heads

With its excellent cutting performance, the fibre laser Cutting Machine is popular in the sheet metal industry as it far surpasses traditional processing methods in terms of efficiency and stability. As one of the core components of a fibre laser cutting machine, the laser cutting head is a laser output device consisting of a nozzle, a focusing lens and a focusing and […]

Application and coloring method of aluminum oxidation of die casting

The classification of aluminum oxidation of die castings: mainly aluminum oxidation, hard oxidation, casting oxidation, aluminum anodization, electrolytic coloring, dye coloring, various surface conductive oxidations, etc. The details are as follows: Aluminum anodizing mainly includes: natural color oxidation, color oxidation, natural acid sand surface oxidation, natural color alkaline sand surface oxidation. Uses of aluminum oxide for : 1. Among the […]

Shenzhen Light guide plate laser engraving machine–New Processing Way

Shenzhen Light guide plate laser engraving machine–New Processing Way Shenzhen, the first special economic zone in China, is the window of Chinese reform and opening up and makes a difference to the world. Then, in Shenzhen where every industry develops well, Shenzhen Light guide plate laser engraving machine creates a new processing way for lighting industry.    There are a […]