Causes of failure of hydraulic press master cylinder to rise

Check whether the hydraulic oil is sufficient, whether the oil has been damaged, whether the oil pump is blocked or whether there is a problem with the oil pump seal. The leakage of hydraulic system is caused by many factors, and the leakage of hydraulic system is fundamentally eliminated. A very large project. Only find the causes affecting the leakage of the hydraulic system, and take reasonable measures to minimize the leakage of the hydraulic system.

In addition, the selection of seals is also very important. If the leakage factor is not fully considered at the beginning, it will bring immeasurable losses to the production. In view of the design and processing of Hydraulic Press in the process of design and processing, the design and processing of sealing groove should be fully considered, which is an important factor affecting leakage. Select accurate assembly and repair methods to appreciate past experience.

For example, in the assembly of the sealing ring, use special tools as much as possible and apply some grease on the sealing ring. In the pollution control of hydraulic oil, the hydraulic press should start with the pollution source, strengthen the control of the pollution source, and take effective filtering measures and oil quality inspection on schedule. In order to effectively prevent external factors (water, dust, particles, etc.) from polluting the hydraulic cylinder, some protective measures can be added. In short, leakage prevention and control should be fully implemented, and comprehensive consideration is effective.

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