China Mould Deficit Reduced in First Half of 2008

According to custom data by CDMIA, China mould deficit in the first half of 2008 is USD 0.325B, reduced by 32.95% compared with the same period of last year, and realized another reduction. This showed prosperity of China’s mould export, and the import & export proportion is becoming more reasonable.
In the first half of 2008, China’s mould import and export is USD 1.542B, increased by 4.85% compared with last year. Export value is USD 0.595B, increased by 25.79%, import value is 0.947, reduced by 5.11%.
Of the moulds been imported and exported, plastic moulds ranked No. 1, and took up 53.34% and 71.33% respectively. Plastic and rubber moulds developed faster than the general mould industry. Compared with last year of the same period, import rate of plastic and rubber moulds increased by 3.6%, and export increased by 3.41%.

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