China multi-cavity mould manufacture

China multi-cavity mould manufacture

        Multi-cavity mould is a mould with many cavities,it means you can produce many products with one mould.According to products’  quantity,products’ structure, to make sure the cavities’ quantity. The more cavities, the higher mould precision,tooling difficulty,mould costing.

          So if your product has great output, you should choose multi-cavity mould. For example,if you want to make caps, you can chose 8cavities, 12cavities, 16cavities or 32cavities. Just inject plastic into one mould, many caps will come out.

          And without high precision,the product’s quality won’t be blanced, maybe some are good,some are bad. If you want to reach high precision, the tooling will be difficulty.

         If you want to buy multi-cavity mould,you can contact me.

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