China’s high-precision manufacturing field urgently needs to increase independent research and development efforts

CCMT2018 ended successfully in Shanghai last week. During the exhibition, the 2018 Symposium on the Application of Domestic CNC Machine Tools in the Military Industry, hosted by China Machine Tool Industry Association (Machine Tool Association) and China Peaceful Use of Military Technology Association (Military Industry Association), was also held in Shanghai. Nearly 200 representatives from enterprises in key fields such as aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding, electronics and machine tool industry attended the meeting. At the meeting, the second batch of domestic high-end CNC machine tools supply catalogs in the military industry, the innovation and development results of CNC machine tools, and the latest military supply and demand information were released.

Wang Jianyu, Deputy Inspector of the Equipment Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, attended the meeting and introduced the development of the machine tool industry and its application in the military industry. He emphasized that China’s machine tool industry has achieved remarkable results in the military industry, and its support and support capabilities have been steadily improved, but it is still on the move. The world’s second echelon is advancing in the critical period of climbing over hurdles, and the problem of insufficient imbalance needs to be further solved. The reliability and accuracy of high-end machine tools need to be improved urgently. The next step is to focus on supply-side structural reforms, deepen military-civilian integration, The integration of industrialization and industrialization, integration of production, education, research and application will accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the machine tool industry.

Mao Yu, executive vice chairman of the China Machine Tool Industry Association, pointed out in the opening ceremony of CCMT2018 that in 2017, China’s machine tool consumer market showed a clear recovery growth trend, and the structural adjustment and differentiation of the market have become increasingly obvious and prominent. The total consumption of metal processing machine tools for the year was US$29.97 billion, a year-on-year increase of 7.5%; the total consumption of tools and tools was US$4.82 billion, a year-on-year increase of 20.2%. Import and export data from January to February 2018 showed that the machine tool market showed a double-digit growth, of which the import of metal processing machine tools increased by 57.84% year-on-year. Through the analysis of statistical data and product structure, it can be concluded that China’s machine tool consumer market presents new characteristics of “total volume stabilization and structure upgrade”, and it will show a moderate growth trend in the future.

In recent years, China has made frequent efforts in the field of high-end manufacturing, trying to break through the technological shackles of some countries, and strive to reach the world’s top technological level, and a series of technological achievements have also proved that China is steadily achieving this goal-through its own efforts, China It has developed into a country that has fully mastered the processing technology of high-precision optical parts after the manufacturing powers of the United States and Germany.

However, in the fields of chips, aircraft engines, and flexible AMOLED panels, China is still subject to others. As the “heart” of the aircraft, every year China’s commercial aircraft imported from Airbus and Boeing need to be loaded with a larger number of engines, and these engines are basically provided by the world’s three major engine suppliers GE, Luo Luo and Pratt & Whitney. Supply is monopolized by these three Anglo-American companies. Compared with foreign engines, the weaknesses of domestic engines are mainly reflected in many aspects such as technology, metallurgy, design and manufacturing. Civil engines have high requirements in terms of safety, reliability and economy. Manufacturing becomes more complicated.

Engine manufacturing is mainly done through high-precision CNC machine tools, and most of China’s high-precision CNC machine tools currently rely on imports. Faced with the pressure of internal transformation and upgrading and fierce competition in the global market, China’s machine tool companies are more It is necessary to continuously increase the intensity of independent research and development to promote the localization of key equipment. Only in this way can we get rid of the dilemma that key core technologies are controlled by others, and allow China’s manufacturing industry to have more voice on the world stage.

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