Classification of Manifolds

The manifold is a device used to connect the main heating supply pipe and the return pipe in the floor heating system.

Divided into two parts – water separator and water collector:

1. The water separator is a water distribution device used to connect the water supply pipes of various heating pipes in the water system.

2. The water collector is a water collection device used to connect the return pipes of various heating pipes in the water system.

The sub-catchment consists of a water distribution main pipe and a water collection main pipe. The water distribution main pipe is connected to the water supply pipe of the pipe network system. Its main function is to distribute the hot water from the pipe network system to the indoor needs through the floor heating pipes buried under the floor. Floor heating in each room. When the hot water flows in the floor heating pipe, it transfers heat to the floor, and then radiates heat through the floor to the room.


In terms of function and structure, the manifold is divided into three types: basic type, standard type and functional type.

Basic type: consists of water distribution main pipe and water collection main pipe. A ball valve is installed on each branch port of the manifold, and a manual exhaust valve is installed on the manifold. The basic water separator does not have the function of flow adjustment.

Standard type: The structure of the standard type manifold is the same as the basic type, except that the ball valves on each main pipe are replaced by flow control valves. Replace the manual exhaust valves on the two main pipes with automatic exhaust valves. The standard sub-catchment can precisely adjust the flow of each loop, and even the flow adjustment of the luxurious standard sub-catchment can be adjusted by artificial intelligence.

Functional type: In addition to all the functions of the standard type manifold, the functional manifold also has temperature and pressure display functions, automatic flow adjustment functions, automatic water mixing and heat exchange functions, thermal energy metering functions, and automatic indoor zone temperature control Function, wireless and remote control function. The wireless thermostat available on the market, or an imported brand that realizes remote control, is the SAS816FHL-O/RF wireless floor heating thermostat of Sunwell Company, but this thermostat is not programmable.

In order to prevent corrosion, the manifold is generally made of corrosion-resistant pure copper or synthetic materials. Commonly used materials include copper, stainless steel, nickel-plated copper, nickel-plated alloy, and high-temperature resistant plastics. The inner and outer surfaces of the manifold (including connectors, etc.) should be smooth, free of cracks, blisters, cold barriers, slag inclusions, unevenness, and unevenness. The connectors on the surface should have uniform color and firm coating without deplating. defect.

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