Codasip Announces Appointment of Ron Black as CEO

Munich, Germany, December 2021-Codasip, a leading supplier of customized RISC-V processor semiconductor intellectual property (IP) cores, announced recently that the company has appointed Dr. Ron Black as CEO.

As a partner of Ventech and a major long-term investor of Codasip, Christian Claussen commented: “Ron has extensive experience in corporate transformation. During his tenure as the Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors, Ron has developed new, more aggressive and more scalable The strategy injects vitality into the Codasip team. We are very pleased to see that Dr. Ron Black can assume this larger role and lead the company to the next stage of growth.”

Ron Black also commented: “From a strategic point of view, Codasip has taken advantage of the right time, place, and people. In the current rapidly developing market, the company has amazing technology and a world-class engineering team, but this was in the past. Not well-known. RISC-V provides incredible opportunities for customized processors and IP using Codasip Studio™ EDA tools and CodAL processor description language. This can be said to be the development of such high quality and difference. The easiest way to transform products.” Dr. Black continued, “Codasip’s proven technology and traction from the market really excite me, so when the board of directors asked me to take the position of CEO, I was very excited.”

By appointing Brett Cline as Chief Revenue Officer, Rupert Baines as Chief Marketing Officer, and Simon Bewick as Vice President of the UK R&D Center, Codasip has made substantial progress in forming a global team. “

Dr. Karel Masařík, the founder of Codasip, has now been promoted to the company’s president and is responsible for research on advanced RISC-V products and technologies. Dr. Masařík commented: “I have known and worked together with Ron for nearly ten years. He has extensive experience in company transformation and helping the company turn losses into profits, which is of great significance to Codasip’s business growth and development.”

After Dr. Black becomes the company’s chief executive officer, Codasip will hire a non-executive board chairman.

Dr. Black will deliver a keynote speech entitled “The End of Semiconductor Device Size Reduction Mode” at the RISC-V Summit at 2:10 pm on December 8.

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