Common Rigging


The shackle is a detachable ring-shaped metal member used to connect various rope head eye rings, chain links and other rigging. The shackle is composed of a body and a cross bolt. Some horizontal bolts are threaded, and some are pinned. There are two types of straight shackles and round shackles. Shackles are often named according to the part used, for example, the anchor shackle used on the anchor rod; the anchor chain shackle used on the anchor chain; the rope head shackle used on the rope head.


Hooks are tools for hanging goods or equipment, and are made of steel. The hook is divided into three parts: hook handle, hook back and hook tip.

According to the direction of the upper eye ring of the hook handle, it is divided into a front hook and a side hook. The hook tip of the front hook is perpendicular to the plane of the upper eye ring of the hook handle, and the hook tip of the side hook is on the same plane as the upper eye ring of the hook handle . Ordinary hanging cargo hooks mostly use side hooks that have turned bad.

Precautions for the use of hooks: When using the hook, keep the force on the center part of the back of the hook to avoid pulling the hook; the strength of the hook is smaller than the shackle of the same diameter, and it should be used when hanging a heavy weight Shackle to avoid straightening and breaking the hook.


Chain cable is a chain composed of unstopped chain links. It is often used on the ship as a rudder chain, a short chain for hoisting cargo, a chain chain, an adjustment link for a safety cable, etc. It is also used for pulling and binding. The size of the chain is expressed by the diameter of the chain link, and the unit is millimeter (mm). The weight can be calculated from the weight per meter length.

When using chain cables, the chain links should be adjusted first to avoid lateral stress, and to avoid sudden stress to prevent the chain from breaking. The chain should be checked and maintained frequently to maintain a good technical condition. The contact parts between the chain ring and the chain ring, and the chain ring and the shackle are easy to wear and rust. Pay attention to the degree of wear and rust. If they exceed 1/10 of the original diameter, they cannot be used. Attention should also be paid to check whether the chain is broken or cracked. During the inspection, it is not possible to check only from the appearance. It is necessary to use a hammer to beat the chain links one by one, and listen to whether the sound is crisp and loud.

To eliminate the rust of the chain cable, the fire impact method should be used. The expansion of the chain ring after heating can make the rust brittle. Then, the impact of the chain link against each other can completely eliminate the rust and at the same time eliminate the small cracks on the chain ring. Chains after derusting should be oiled and maintained to prevent rust and reduce rust damage.

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