Cup Coaster Wholesale: Does Silicone Cup Coaster Do A Good Job?

Does silicone cup coaster do a good job?The answer is YES. Silicone coaster mat do well on avoiding heat and keeping tabletop clean.
Small coaster mat put under mugs and cups and large size silicone mat be used as pot holder or bowl holder.

Coasters( a kind of low, round tray mat) are used very commonly in people's daily life in order to protect the tabletop. Coaster mat, generally speaking is made from heat resistant material or waterproof material, such as wood, Plastic, cloth, silicone and so on.Silicone cup coaster is part of main products Weishun company supply. According to customer's feedback, parts of reasons why silicone material cup mat meet their fond include its features of heat resistant, cold resistant, waterprof and easy to clean.Put a silicone mat on the countertop or tabletop where might be placed a drink, it can help to avoid hot drinks burning marks or unsightly cold beverage's water rings and marks.Like other material coaster mats, printing logo or advertising words on in ready stock silicone coaster mat is available. And the printing logo ways is usually ink printing, silk screen printing or hot transfer printing.If you are in need of embossed logo silicne cup mats, your request can also be satisfied by Weishun because we have professional designer to draw out drawing paper and reliable production moldel tool supplier.
Square Mat For Cup / Pot3d carved shape cup matrectangle bar mat
Silicone is an easily molding material like plastic, so mold silicone to various shapes and thickness mat is not difficult. And luckily that the cost of production model tool for silicone products is cheaper than plastic production model tools. For simple design products, it may cost just hundreds dollars. And order goods from a manufacturer, you will save more cost than ask helpfrom trade company.Welcome to contact our saleman to get more informations. You can send us an inquiry from this company website or send and email directly to our sale manager Ms. marina Liu([email protected]).

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