Custom Plastic Chair Injection Mold Basics

There are plastic chair injection mold basics helpful for those people looking for custom plastic chair mold manufacturer in China.


As we all see that the plastic chairs are widely used for hotel, cafe, restaurant, wedding hall, dining hall, entertainment center and company buildings. And the plastic chair could be identified to different type according its shape or application or users, such as Plastic Rattan Chair, Relax Plastic Chair, Net Design Plastic Chair, Plastic Outdoor Chair, Armless Plastic Chairs, Arm Plastic Chair, PC Ghost Chair, Sofa Chair, Children Plastic Chair, Adult Plastic Chair and many more.


At first, here shows a plastic chair making line for you to understanding easier for plastic chair injection molding process.

So, how to enhance your competitiveness for plastic chairs in market? One key element is the plastic chair injection mold.


The basic requirements for the good plastic chair mold are listed here for your reference:


Cycle Time: It's the crucial factor for a stronger competitiveness as you could provide the shorter lead time and decrease the cost in long time to get more profit. And for plastic chair mold, it’s about the mold cooling system, except the machine specification. Which you shall must test the plastic chair mold at the similar mold working condition in the supplier's factory to find the best cycle time.


Plastic Chair Quality: it's the basic factor, because no one would buy a chair which is not good in appearance, loading capacity, smooth. It usually could be controlled by checking parting line, wall thickness and exhaust in those processes – plastic chair mold design, tooling and test.


Plastic Chair Stacking: it's about the chair design analysis. A superior could help you analyze the chair to help to make a better chair design, such as the stacking. It's easy to see that if you could stack the plastic chair more and keep the same quality, the room and delivery cost would be saved much!


Interchangeable Insert: it's usually for the same chair but different back or seat pattern. Good chair mold design could make the inserts easy to change.


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