Death toll in Egypt’s Port Said rises to 40

The death toll in recent clashes in Egypt’s riot-stricken Port Said governorate has risen to 40, while the total number of injured people has exceeded 1,000, official news agency MENA reported Monday.
The clashes continued Sunday during a mass funeral held in Port Said for Saturday’s victims.
Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi on Sunday imposed a 30-day curfew and a state of emergency in the governorates of Port Said, Suez and Ismailia, which witnessed over the past few days bloody confrontations between anti-government protesters and security forces.
The president attributed the bloody clashes to “sinful hands” that deviated from peaceful protests and expression of opinions to armed aggression and vandalism.

Egypt’s main opposition bloc, the National Salvation Front (NSF) , announced Monday its rejection of Morsi’s invitation, demanding that Morsi amend the controversial, recently-drafted constitution, form “a qualified national salvation government,” sack the current prosecutor-general and subject the Muslim Brotherhood to the law as preconditions for dialogue.


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