Does Silicone Chocolate Candy Molds Freezer Safe?

Does silicone chocolate candy molds freezer safe?Many customers have know that food grade silicone rubber is a material widely usually be used to manufacture oven-safe and microwave safe silicone pans for cake. High temperature resistance test can confirm that bakeware made from food grade silicone rubber can maintain integrity at a high temperature up to +230°C.We once baked silicone cake mold at temperatures up to 200°C microwave for 2 hours, no cracking occurs and the cake pan held up fine.Silicone molds meet with many baking lovers' fond due to their features of flexible & easily demoulding, durable & long lasting. Except baking, freeze is also a frequent method people used do desserts.
However, how about the low temperature resistant of silicone? Does silicone safe in refrigerator?Silicone molds is also low temperature resistant. Generally speaking, silicone molds can withstand a temperature low to -40 degree celsius. If you use silicone molds to make icing desserts or chocolate candy, using silicone molds is a good choice.

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