Domestic SSDs welcome the year of explosion, are SSD master players ready?

The past 2019 is a year worth remembering for the process of China’s storage autonomy. This year, Huawei, Hikvision and other companies were included in the “entity list”, which drove the acceleration of China’s independent information infrastructure construction, and the localization of CPU/OS and storage was imminent; With 64-layer 3D NAND Flash, Hefei Changxin mass-produced DDR4 DRAM, Guoke Micro and Loongson launched SSD main control chips equipped with their own CPUs, and domestic storage companies have risen to break the monopoly of foreign manufacturers.

On the one hand, support policies are increasingly strengthened, and on the other hand, product technology is becoming mature. The industry believes that the domestic storage market, especially domestic SSDs, will usher in an explosion in 2020, attacking international manufacturers head-on. The main control and particles are the core components of SSD. Among them, the long-term shortage of particles has been initially solved. For the main control, the “One Picture to Understand the Replacement Rate of ICT Domestic Core Devices” released by Jiweiwang shows that SSD The main control has been able to achieve low-end replacement and move towards the mid-to-high end.

Obviously, the realization of low-end replacement of SSD master is not the ultimate goal. More and more players have joined the SSD master control market, promoting the further maturity of SSD master control. At present, the main domestic SSD control enterprises mainly include Hualan Micro, Lianyun Technology, Guoke Micro, Datang Storage, Deyi Micro, Yixin Technology, Ziguang Derui and Huaxin semiconductor, etc. (Editor’s Note: The companies listed in this article are only Limited to mainland-funded enterprises, and Taiwanese enterprises such as Phison and Huirong are not included for the time being).

This article will make a comprehensive inventory of the basic situation and technical capabilities of these main control enterprises, and try to establish a grade assessment ranking guide for domestic SSD main controllers, in order to make SSD main controllers move to the high-end market as soon as possible and add more glory to the domestic storage market.

First, we define 1-5 levels of domestic SSD master control from low to high.

Level 1:

In terms of technology, it basically masters chip design capabilities, and firmware research and development capabilities still need to rely on third parties. It has basic NAND adaptation capabilities and masters 2K LDPC/4K LDPC; in terms of commerciality, it does not yet have mass production and shipping capabilities.

Editor’s note: Error correction capability is an important indicator to measure the quality of SSD. Under the same bit rate condition, 4K LDPC is the highest-level error correction mechanism at present.


In terms of technology, it has a better grasp of chip design capabilities and firmware R&D capabilities, has better NAND adaptation capabilities, and masters 2K LDPC/4K LDPC; in terms of commercial use, it does not yet have mass production and shipping capabilities.

Level 3:

In terms of technology, it has a good grasp of chip design capabilities and firmware research and development capabilities, has better NAND adaptation capabilities, and masters 2K LDPC/4K LDPC; in terms of commercial use, it has mass production and shipping capabilities, but has not yet reached cooperation with complete machine companies.

Level 4:

In terms of technology, it has a good grasp of chip design capabilities and firmware research and development capabilities, has better NAND adaptation capabilities, and masters 2K LDPC/4K LDPC; in terms of commercial use, it has mass production and shipping capabilities, but has not yet reached cooperation with complete machine companies; In terms of adaptability, the adaptation to key devices such as BIOS and OS is still under verification.

Level 5:

In terms of technology, he is proficient in chip design ability and firmware R&D ability, has good NAND adaptation ability, and masters 2K LDPC/4K LDPC; in terms of commercial use, he has mass production and shipping ability, and has reached in-depth cooperation with complete machine companies; adaptation In terms of performance, it has been adapted to key devices such as BIOS and OS.

Domestic SSD master players, who is more experienced?

1. Guoke Micro (stock code: SZ300672)

Label: The only domestic SSD master controller that has passed the national secret and national test double certification, and the first chip-level independent original test passer

Level: Level 4-5

basic situation:

Established: 2008 (started to set foot in the storage market in 2013)

Shareholder composition: Hunan Guoke Holdings Co., Ltd., National Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund Co., Ltd., Changsha Xintu Investment Management Co., Ltd., etc.

Chairman: Xiang Ping

SSD Master Transcript:

In 2015, it launched the self-developed GK21 series SSD master controller; in 2017, launched the first domestic SSD master controller GK2301 series certified by the China Information Security Evaluation Center and the State Cryptography Administration; in 2019, released the SSD equipped with Loongson embedded CPU Main control, this is also the first SSD main control chip using its own CPU in China.

It is worth mentioning that Goke Micro disclosed that GK2301 obtained the first chip-level independent original evaluation certificate in May 2019. At the same time, GK2302 also obtained an independent original evaluation certificate at the end of 2019, and also passed the national secret and national security double test. Certification.

According to its disclosure, the SSD master control has been fully adapted to domestic software and hardware platforms such as Loongson, Kunpeng, Feiteng, and Kirin, and is in the form of solid-state drives in the Great Wall, Lenovo, Dawning, Inspur, Tongfang, Baixin and other domestic mainstream complete machines Enterprises realize large-scale applications.


For a long time, Guoke Microelectronics has always adhered to the independent route. Whether it has obtained the first independent original evaluation certificate at the chip level or the storage main control chip equipped with the embedded CPU of Godson, it fully shows the market results that it has strived to transform in the independent market. . At the same time, Guoke Micro also launched an overall SSD solution based on its own master control, and achieved good results. However, in the future, Guoke Microelectronics needs to launch a main control chip supporting PCIe interface as soon as possible to further increase market competition chips.

2.Lianyun Technology

Tag: The first domestic SSD master controller that supports 3D NAND flash memory particles

Level: Level 5

basic situation:

Established: 2014

Shareholder composition: Hangzhou Hikvision Technology Co., Ltd., Shirley XiaoLing Fang, etc.

Chairman: Shirley Xiaoling Fang

SSD master score:

In 2015, Lianyun Technology launched the domestic first 40nm SSD main control chip MAS060; in August 2016, Lianyun Technology launched the first domestic SSD main control chip MAS080X that supports 3D NAND flash memory particles, and launched in November of the same year with mass production With the MAS090X, up to now, Lianyun has launched three generations of SSD master controllers with SATA interface. Official public information shows that Lianyun has launched an SSD main control chip that supports PCIe interface, becoming one of the few domestic companies that master this technology.


At the beginning of the establishment of Lianyun, the technical team mainly came from JMicron, Taiwan, China. With the latter’s original technical team, Lianyun’s SSD master control performance was on par with international manufacturers in a short period of time, and it was shipped to SSD enterprises in batches. In the future, how Lianyun will rectify the name of independent technology is what Lianyun needs to think about when entering the localization market.

3.Hualan Microelectronics

Tag: my country’s first SATA interface SSD master chip launcher

Level: Level 4

basic situation:

Established: 2011

Shareholder composition: Hangzhou Hualanchuang Investment Management Partnership, Guangxi Jinchang Industrial Group Co., Ltd., Beijing Guodong Century Investment Co., Ltd., etc.

Chairman: Liu Zhichen

Founder and President: Luo Jianjun

SSD master score:

As early as 2012, Hualan Micro launched my country’s first SATA interface SSD main control chip (Editor’s note: Huawei was earlier than this time, but it is not included in external sales). Up to now, Hualan Micro has launched a series of SSD main control chips, covering SATA interface and PCIe interface. According to official information, Hualan Micro SATA3 SSD controller shipped more than 300,000 units per month. At the same time, Hualan Micro also has SSD solutions based on its own main control chip, which can be provided to customers.


Hualan Micro is a relatively comprehensive storage master control manufacturer, which can provide a full range of storage controller chips, not only limited to SSD, but also mobile storage, bridge chips, etc., and because it has entered the market for a long time, it is widely used in security encryption and other markets. Basically stand firm. However, Hualan Micro’s product development capabilities are generally weak, especially in NAND Flash controller products. In order to continue to develop in the domestic SSD master control market where more and more players are joining, Hualan Micro must solve this problem.

4.get a little

Tag: Enterprise with the widest coverage of domestic mass production storage main control chip product line

Level: Level 4

basic situation:

Established: 2017

Shareholder composition: Beijing Yitang Huachuang Equity Investment Center, Hangzhou Chuanghe Selected Venture Capital Cooperation Enterprise, Shenzhen Zhicun Microelectronics Enterprise, etc.

Chairman: Wu Dawei

SSD master score:

Deyiwei was merged by the original memory chip design company Sigrid and Lierding Technology, focusing on the SSD main control market. Prior to this, after years of development, Sigrid already had a relatively complete consumer storage controller, including eMMC, SD, SSD, and USB. Officially disclosed, the total external shipments of Sigrid’s storage master chips have reached several billion. At present, in terms of SSD master control, Yiwei mainly promotes YS9081XT and 9083XT, SATA interface, the maturity is average, and the price is cheap; there are not many productized cases of PCIe SSD master control.


Before the merger with Lierding and the establishment of Yiwei, Sigrid was once synonymous with low price in the market. After that, whether Yiwei can complete the transformation from low-end to high-end remains to be seen. It is worth mentioning that 10 years of storage technology accumulation has made Sigrid have a deep understanding of NAND Flash and the ability to quickly adapt to NAND Flash, which will be the advantage of Deyiwei.

5.Memory Core Technology

Tag: Beijing Integrated Circuit Fund Investment Enterprise

Level: Level 4

basic situation:

Established: 2015

Shareholder composition: Beijing Yunzixing Information Technology Partnership, Beijing Angstar Cluster Information Technology Center, Beijing Integrated Circuit Fund, SK Hynix Semiconductor (Wuxi) Co., Ltd., etc.

Founder and CEO: Shen Fei

SSD master score:

At the end of 2017, Yixin Technology launched STAR1000, which is a high-end consumer-level entry-level enterprise-level high-performance NVMe SSD main control chip, and it is also the first SSD main control chip in China to pass the PCI-SIG test; after that, Yixin Technology The second-generation PCIe NVMe master STAR1000P was launched.


Yixin was established by splitting the chip development department of the original Memblaze. The initial goal was to design a high-performance enterprise SSD controller, but it was very difficult to develop, and at the same time, it was impossible to find suitable users, so only a prototype was made in the end. After that, Yixin adjusted the product plan, first made mid-to-low-end products, established a foothold at the consumer level, then expanded to the industry market, and finally expanded to the enterprise market. However, the firmware development capability of Yixin Technology is insufficient, and it needs to be strengthened in the future to achieve a complete turnkey solution.


Tag: storage master enterprise with rich upstream and downstream resources

Level: Level 3-4

basic situation:

Established: 2015 (2017 Ziguang took over)

Shareholder composition: Beijing Unisplendour Storage Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Angtec Technology Center, Shenzhen Beak Toe Feather Venture Capital Enterprise, Jiaxing Coastal Venture Capital Partnership, etc.

Chairman: Qi Lian

SSD master score:

In December 2016, it released the first self-developed PCIe NVMe SSD controller TAI, which supports the NVMe 1.2 standard and PCIe 3.0 interface, and provides solid-state storage solutions for large data centers and enterprise customers. In 2018, after being taken over by Unisplendour, Unisplendour Dery released PCIe NVMe SSD controllers D5850/D5450/D5430, but there are not too many productized cases at present. In addition, there is no consumer-grade SSD master controller.


Derui was first established by Iside Rui, but with the exposure of the latter’s Ponzi scheme, it was taken over by Ziguang in October 2017. Because of this, before being taken over, there were always some problems in the productization of Derui SSD master control, and the market performance was very general. With the addition of Tsinghua Unigroup, a rapid market expansion channel may be opened for it, with both upstream particle support, such as Yangtze River Storage, and downstream enterprise-level SSD customers, such as H3C. In addition, Tsinghua Unigroup will also promote Derui’s entry into the consumer market.

7.Huaxin Semiconductor

Tags: veteran IC design companies, the first batch of IC design companies within the national planning layout

Level: Level 3-4

basic situation:

Established: 2008

Shareholder composition: Jinan High-tech Holding Group Co., Ltd., Shandong High-tech Venture Capital Co., Ltd., Inspur Electronic Information Industry Co., Ltd., etc.

Chairman: Sun Pishu

SSD master score:

Huaxin Semiconductor’s SATA SSD master controller HX8800 is the first SSD controller chip in China that has passed the security review of the State Cryptography Administration. Based on this main control chip, Huaxin Semiconductor has launched a variety of products, including general-purpose SSDs, high-security SSDs, and industrial-grade SSDs.


As a veteran IC design company, Huaxin Semiconductor has a flexible business strategy and rich products that enable it to have a solid customer base. At the same time, the background of the Shandong provincial government has also become a strong support for its promotion of localization and industry market. However, Huaxin needs to further improve its chip performance in the future and accelerate its iterative ability.

8.Datang Storage

Label: Few domestic companies that fully master information security algorithm chip technology

Level: Level 3-4

basic situation:

Established: 2018

Shareholder composition: Hefei Xinpeng Technology Co., Ltd., Datang Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Chairman: Zhu Xunqing

SSD master score:

In June 2019, Datang Storage launched the domestic Yipinxing DT300 series SSD for the consumer market, and started sales in offline channels. This is another new work following the launch of the domestic Yianxing series SSD for the industrial application market and the Yifuxing series SSD products for the server market in October 2018.


As a new entrant in the SSD market, Datang Storage will be verified by the fiercely competitive market for a long time. However, the capital increase of Datang Microelectronics, a “national prefix” enterprise, will add a lot to its market expansion.

(Editor’s note: The above text reference is from the company’s official disclosure information, if there is any error, please point out in time)


The Chinese storage market, which has long been bound by international manufacturers such as Samsung, Western Digital, Seagate, and Toshiba, has reached a dividing point. To the left, we continue to rely on major international manufacturers. A seemingly flat shortcut is full of “listed” risks. Once a risk occurs, there is only stagnation. Technical challenges, but the challenges are solvable and the future is bright. From the above inventory, domestic storage companies have chosen the right path. Facing the tougher market environment in 2020, is your business ready?

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