EASTPO Is United with Overseas Exposition to Invite Global Buyers

In 2008, Shanghai International Machine Tool Fair (EASTPO) will celebrate its 10th anniversary. After over a decade of development, the 10th edition of Shanghai International Machine Tool Fair (EASTPO 2008) will be a brilliant milestone in the history of EASTPO as well as in the history of China machine tool Show.
Over these 10 years, EASTPO constantly create splendid achievements with new record. In July of this year, the 9th Shanghai International Machine Tool Fair (EASTPO 2007) was held with the show scale of 70,500 sqm, 1,022 exhibitors, 70,405 visitors, 38% of international degree, as well as 832 million Yuan turnover at the scene and 1.5 billion Yuan intention turnover.
Service is the “lifeline" of the exhibition. The 10th Shanghai International Machine Tool Fair will spare no efforts to improve its service level as a whole. Apart from the professional and meticulous on-site services, such as increasing the frequency of shuttle bus and ferry car, adding more eye-catching guide sign and upgrading service level of its forwarders, budget will be double increased as well to invite more professional visitors around the world.
EASTPO has been working hard to speed up its process of internationalization and globalization, which have lead China’s machine tool makers to the international arena and enables more overseas makers to meet Chinese customers. In this light, EASTPO visited many famous machine tool shows around the world, such as EMO, JIMTOF and IMTS, to introduce EASTPO to international brand enterprises and invite them to organize groups of people to participate the 10th Shanghai International Machine Tool FairEASTPO 2008
On September 17 -22, EASTPO attended the biggest event in the metalworking world – EMO. In the show, a lot of publicity materials were released, and accept their inquiries to EASTPO. We visited many European enterprises that enthusiastically interested in the rapid growth of Chine’s market and expressed their strong will to explore China’s market with their up-to-date products to participate EASTPO 2008. During these years, China’s auto industry has been going through a rapid growth with 8,500,000 units of production in 2006 and became the world’s second largest consumer.   
By far, apart from keeping good relationships with machine tool related organizations and associations of South Korea, Germany, Japan, the United States, India, Italy, Spain, Sweden and etc., EASTPO made publicity on various media and delivered newsletters to 500,000 readers around the world as well to promote the fair. 
We believe that the goal of inviting buyers from 5 continents can be achieved through a series of promotional activates. EASTPO 2008, which will be held on July 9-12, 2008 at Shanghai New International Expo Center, will be an event you can not miss in the metalworking world.
Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC)
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10th Shanghai International Machine Tool Fair (EASTPO 2008)
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China National Tendering Center of Mach. & Elec. Equipment
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