Effect of fixture on machine tools

The positioning element of the fixture is in contact with the positioning reference of the workpiece and is used to determine the correct position of the workpiece in the fixture. Clamping device This is a device used to clamp the workpiece to maintain the workpiece in the fixture at a predetermined position during measurement. The probe element is used to determine the relative position of the fixture and the probe. The clamp is specifically used to connect the components and devices of the fixture to make it an integrated basic piece. It is combined with the machine tool to make the fixture relative to the machine tool. Has a certain position. Some fixtures of other components and devices need indexing mechanism according to the machining requirements of the workpiece, and positioning keys of the milling machine fixture.
The above components are not indispensable for each machine tool fixture, but any fixture must have positioning elements and clamping devices.They are the key to ensuring machining accuracy.The purpose is to "position and clamp" the workpiece. The basic requirements of machine tool fixtures stably ensure the measurement accuracy of the workpiece. Improve the labor intensity of mechanical processing. Simple structure, good structural technology and labor conditions. It should be able to reduce the measurement cost of the workpiece. In short, when designing fixtures, it is necessary to achieve dialectical unity in several aspects such as measurement accuracy, productivity, labor conditions, and economics. Among them, ensuring measurement accuracy is a basic requirement. In order to improve productivity, advanced structures and mechanical transmission devices are often used. Increase the manufacturing cost of the fixture, but when the batch size of the workpiece increases to a certain scale, it will be compensated for the economic efficiency obtained by the decrease of the man-hours per piece, thereby reducing the manufacturing cost of the workpiece. Therefore, the complexity of the designed fixture and the workpiece The efficiency must be adapted to the production scale in order to obtain good economic results.
However, any technical measures will encounter some special situations. When designing fixtures, there are sometimes focuses on quality, productivity, labor conditions, and economics. For measurements that require high position accuracy, they often focus on measurement accuracy. During the redesign process, it is necessary to conduct in-depth production research and research, to extensively solicit the opinions of operators, draw on advanced experience and draw up a preliminary design plan based on this, after consideration, and then determine a reasonable plan for fixture design. Overview of machine tool fixtures Machine tool fixtures are an important process equipment in mechanical manufacturing. In order to ensure the measurement accuracy and improve efficiency when measuring workpieces on a machine tool, the workpiece must be placed on the machine and the relative position of the probe is correct.This process is called positioning. In order to overcome the failure of the workpiece during positioning during the measurement process, a clamping force must be applied to the workpiece. This process is called clamping. Positioning and clamping are collectively called clamping, and the process equipment to complete the clamping of the workpiece is called Is a machine tool fixture. Classification of machine tool fixtures According to the degree of generalization, machine tool fixtures can be divided into two categories. The first type of machine tool fixtures are manufactured by machine tool accessory factories or specialized tool manufacturers. The role of the fixture: can shorten the auxiliary time and improve labor productivity. Due to the use of special components to make the workpiece quickly placed in the fixture, and the fixture can also quickly through the special devices such as positioning keys, knife block, guide sleeve, etc. The floor makeup artist is on the machine tool and adjusts the position. In addition, it can also use multiple pieces, multiple positions, how fast, booster, motor and other clamping devices. It is easy to ensure stable machining accuracy. The clamping position in the fixture is determined, which is fixed for machining or measuring a batch of workpieces. Therefore, the workpiece and the probe always maintain the correct relative working position during the machining process, which creates conditions for the stable guarantee of machining accuracy. Can expand the use of machine tools, the use of special fixtures can replace the role of a certain machine tool. Can reduce labor intensity and ensure safe production.The use of clamps can reduce the requirements for workers' technical level, make workers easy to operate, production safe and reduce manual labor.
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