Effects Of Mould On The Die Life

Effect of die materials on die life is mold materials, organizational structure, chemical composition, hardness and the metallurgical quality of reflection type and hardness of the material of which the most obvious.Mold processing material influence on die life is great. On the same workpiece, use a different mold for bending test using 9Mn2V materials, its lifetime is 50,000 times Cr12MoV nitriding, whose life of up to 400,000. Therefore, in the selection of tooling materials, according to the batch size of the workpiece, reasonable selection of mould materials.Effect of the hardness of the working part on the die life is large, but not the higher hardness and longer tool life. T10 steel silicon steel sheet die, the hardness is 52 56HRC, washed thousands of times, stamping Burr is very big. If the hardness to 60-64HRC, grinding life of up to 2.13 million. But if you continue to increase the hardness and can occur earlyFracture. Die hardness should not be too high, such as Cr12MoV steel hex nut cold badge punch, hardness is at 56-60HRC, and general life expectancy of 2.13 million pieces, failure modes are cracked; if hardness below 50 for a 54HRC, life expectancy can be increased to 6.18 million units. Therefore, mold hardness must be determined in accordance with forming properties and failure, strength, toughness, hardness, wear resistance, fatigue resistance, up to best meet the needs of.The metallurgical quality of the material influence on die life can not be ignored, especially high-carbon high-alloy steels, metallurgical defects more often are the source of early damage of quenching cracks and mold. Therefore, improving the metallurgical quality of the material are also important aspects of die.New heat treatment process, tap the potential of existing materials to improve die life is effective, but is also limited. Especially development of processing technology of high temperature, high pressure, high speed, die working conditions more demanding, so to significantly improve the stencil life, you must develop new tooling materials and applications.Mold material shortages in the working conditions and, in recent years, have developed a variety of new tooling materials, with steel, such as HMI,HM3,RM2,012A1,CG2,65Nb,LM1,LM2,LD,CH-1,8Cr2S and so on. New development of steel knot carbide (DT), and alloy cast iron (SMRI-86), and high temperature alloy (as TZM), also made has better of application effect, as with HM3 business of forged die, than with 3Cr2W8V steel business of mold life improve has 1 time times; with CH-1 steel business of in the thick Board die life than with T1OA steel business of improve has 315 times times; with 012A1 business of hot Extrusion die than with 3Cr2W8V steel business of life improve has 3-5 times,.Previous: Had To Say In The Laser Cutting Of Sheet Metal Processing TechnologyNext: Injection Molding Production

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