ERP software used in composite board manufacture

Pecolit Kunststoffe produces composite boards for the construction of cars, buses and motorhomes and required an ERP system which reliably copes with automotive industry requirements.

Pecocar Holland, a specialist in the design and development of composite boards, will control its company processes using the abas Business Software ERP system has to cope with the requirements of the automotive industry The composite board specialist Pecocar, a subsidiary of the German company Pecolit Kunststoffe in Schifferstadt, produces composite boards for the construction of cars, buses and motorhomes.

Pecocar sought an ERP system, which would reliably cope with automotive industry requirements.

In recent years the company has also produced more and more composite boards for the building industry, packaging industry and the chemical industry.

Multilingual system – the parent company Pecolit Deutschland already uses the abas Business Software for controlling its business processes and is supported by the German abas partner SteinhilberSchwehr AG, Pforzheim.

"With regard of the restructuring of our management structures and the integration of our subsidiaries abroad the company-wide preparation of key data is of great importance.

What is also of importance to us is the use of the respective operating language in our different international sites," said Sven Schrothe, COO and project manager of Pecolit.

He added: "With abas ERP we can have independent operating languages for the individual users at the different sites".

Both the user menu and the outputs of the abas Business Software are available in various languages.

ABAS and Pecocar: Two innovative companies Pecocar focuses on the production and assembly of sandwich constructions.

In this field the innovative company has become one of the leading specialists in Western Europe.

Many innovations result from the intensive cooperation of Pecocar and its customers.

"We know the value of continuing to develop in cooperation with the customers.

So we appreciate that ABAS develops its software also in close cooperation with their customers," said Henk Luberman talking about of ABAS.

The implementation at pecocar will be carried out by the Dutch abas partner AAA Base IT.

For years the Dutch IT company, which is located in Assen, has specialised in the implementation and support of ERP systems in production companies.

* bout ABAS Software – founded in 1980, ABAS provides cost-effective ERP and eBusiness solutions to over 2,000 customers and more than 45,000 users worldwide, with solutions offered in 28 languages.

ABAS was named number one in customer satisfaction in the 2007, 2005, 2003, and 2002 ERP studies published by the Konradin Group.

ABAS ranked first in price/performance ratio, functional fit, stability, ease of use and upgrades.

The study shows that the package requires a third less time to implement and a total investment well under the ERP average.

The brand name abas Business Software (ERP, PPC, MRP, eBusiness) runs on Linux, Unix and Windows.

Approximately 80% of all installations to-day are Linux-based.

Easier maintenance of the ERP system * ERP interface – approved interfaces of the abas Business Software are, for example, the EDP interface, which enables an easy and fast access to abas ERP data in the network or the internet and the EFOP interface where you can specify an individual event for each event; and the FOP interface, which allows you to generate reports for example.

Previously, several interfaces were required in order to make adjustments in abas ERP.

Now only one interface is required.

The number of training courses that must be attended has thus been reduced, their is easier maintenance of the ERP system, and faster and safer execution of upgrades.

The popularity of Java is spreading all around the world; as one of the most frequently used programming languages worldwide.

Furthermore there are many freely available Java libraries, frameworks and efficient development environments which accelerate the development of your applications.

Due to the higher abstraction which is achieved by Java Objects, the productivity and the quality of the adjustments are increased.

ABAS is headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany, and sells its software worldwide through its partner network.

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