Farnell looks at future of IoT

Farnell looks at future of IoT

Farnell looks at future of IoT

The Future is IoT – Analysing Industry Trends’ report is available as a free eBook and audiobook, offering design engineers valuable insights and analysis on the future of the IoT.

Farnell looks at how IoT is applied today and analyses the industries where the IoT is having the greatest impact.

The IoT market is one of the strongest growing markets today. IoT technology is actively used in many critical industries including Industry 4.0, home automation, AI, smart cities, energy management, automotive and transportation, healthcare, medical and wearable devices.

The report also uncovers the changes to the IoT sector which have been brought about by Covid.

The report combines three years of data from Farnell’s annual IoT survey with other market research to provide some of the most up-to-date, holistic and in-depth analysis of IoT available.

This study includes the views of more than 5,000 industry stakeholders from over 60 countries worldwide, and examines the IoT process from three perspectives: the creator (who), the motivations (why) and the solutions (what).

Key trends emerging from the report include:

Industrial automation is an increasing trend for new IoT applications with Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication and remote monitoring projected to grow fastest.  

Single Board Computers (SBC) are the most preferred platform to implement IoT technology into end products.

Wireless solutions are now driving IoT connectivity ahead of wired equivalents as new technologies emerge and offer low-power and long-range secured solutions.

Farnell’s IoT Hub features a range of free useful resources, including white papers, application notes and videos, along with access to the latest products to support the design of IoT projects.

The  report, ‘The Future is IoT – Analysing Industry Trends’, is available for download as an eBook and audiobook from Farnell.

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