Forming Mechanism And Countermeasure Of Hot – Section Puffing Of Machinery Castings

  Forming Mechanism and Countermeasure of Hot – section Puffing of Machinery Castings

  Gray tungsten castings and Machinery Castings hot twist loose forming mechanism:

  The hot link is thicker than the link wall, so the solidification is slower than the connection wall. When there is no other source, the hot section becomes the source of the coupling wall. For alloys with a solidification temperature range, if the hot section only filters the shrinkage of the joint wall and is not compensated for the shrinkage of the body during the solidification period of the heat section itself, the hot section is formed.

  To prevent gray iron castings and Machinery Castings hot section of the countermeasures:

  Usually in the hot section of the release of cold iron, cold iron or suspension casting method to achieve the hot section with its connection wall at the same time solidification (only with the cold iron, the hot section may also be slightly shrinkage). Or with the riser configuration is appropriate, the same use of cold iron, cold iron, and sometimes in the casting (metal) subsidies (also called the meat), to achieve the connection wall hot section of the order of solidification, so as not to become hot joints Of the source, Machinery Castings you can eliminate the hot taper loose.

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