Function of contract management module in auto parts information management system


System overall design and function analysis, taking into account the convenience of system debugging and maintenance, the software adopts a structured design method. Each function in the system is designed as an independent function module, and through the installation of these function modules, a system with a hierarchical structure is formed. The system is divided into 8 subsystems, with 4 levels.

Contract management module This module has 4 functions: contract entry, contract query, contract modification, and contract deletion. Enter the contract to complete the entry of the contract. For the convenience of users, a combination of computer automatic filling, mouse selection and manual input is adopted, so that users can use the keyboard as little as possible to input data. Contract inquiries to complete various inquiries about the contract. All operations can be done with the mouse, and the operation is simple and convenient. According to function, it is divided into query by product number, query by product name, query by unit number and query by unit name. The contract modification completes the modification of the contract library. This module uses cache array technology, that is, first transfer the header of the contract library and the records to be modified to the arrays STR1 and STR2, and then modify the arrays, and save them in the contract library after confirming that they are correct, so as to avoid the data caused by the wrong modification. Lost. The contract deletion completes the removal of useless data.

Arrival management module This module is used for registration and acceptance of incoming goods, and is divided into two functional modules: arrival entry and arrival query. Arrival entry The conditions of the goods that have passed the inspection are entered into the corresponding database. There are 6 databases involved. Register the return of unqualified goods and enter them into the corresponding database.

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