Guangxi Hualei held a shareholders meeting and board of directors

On August 8, Huang Weiping, executive director (legal representative), general manager and shareholder representative of Chinalco Guangxi Investment Development Co., Ltd., party committee secretary and general manager of Chinalco Guangxi Branch, and chairman of Guangxi Hualei New Materials Co., Ltd. presided over the meeting Guangxi Hualei’s third shareholders meeting in 13 and the sixth meeting of the second board of directors will also make a report on the work of the board of directors in 2021.Su Qijun, director and general manager of Guangxi Hualei, made a report on production and operation in 2020.

Guangxi Baise Development Investment Group Co., Ltd. President, shareholder representative, Guangxi Hualei director Deng Mingjian, Guangxi Pingguo City Urban Construction Investment Co., Ltd. Chairman, shareholder representative, Guangxi Hualei director Huang Jianhe, Guangxi Hualei director, financial director Qi Guanghui, Guangxi Branch Finance Director, Pingguo Aluminum Co., Ltd. Executive Director, Guangxi Hualei Supervisor Ding Bo, Guangxi Hualei employee representatives, supervisors Liu Zhengping, Guo Hongwei, and Guangxi Hualei related functional department heads attended the meeting.Su Qijun pointed out in the report that in 2020, Guangxi Hualei will fight the epidemic, prevent risks, stabilize production, and optimize indicators, and the production and operation performance will increase significantly year-on-year. Since 2021, Guangxi Hualei has carried out in-depth study and education of party history, continued to focus on value creation, focused on all-factor benchmarking, concentrated on management, strictly controlled and prevented risks, and worked hard to create a new situation for high-quality development of the company. As of July, 1% of the annual budget profit target has been completed.

On behalf of Guangxi Hualei’s board of directors and management team, Huang Weiping sincerely thanked shareholders for their long-term support and assistance to the company’s production and operation, reform and development, and shareholder representatives, directors and supervisors who actively offered advice and suggestions to promote the company’s high-quality development.He said that in 2021, the board of directors will scrupulously fulfill their duties, forge ahead with determination, strengthen accountability, deepen reform and innovation, and take practical actions to promote high-quality development of the company.The first is to continue to strictly perform the duties and rights entrusted by the company’s articles of association, and to organize the meetings of the board of directors and the shareholders’ meeting; the second is to earnestly implement and supervise the implementation of the decisions and resolutions of the shareholders’ meeting, the board of directors, and maintain state-owned assets while maintaining the rights and interests of shareholders. Maintain and increase the value; the third is to further strengthen the production and operation management, to manage the business well, to continuously improve the competitiveness of the enterprise, and to return to the shareholders and the society.The directors and shareholder representatives at the meeting reviewed and approved 2020 issues including “Guangxi Hualei 2020 Board of Directors Work Report”, “Guangxi Hualei 2021 Production and Operation Work Report” and “Guangxi Hualei 11 Budget Plan”, and discussed relevant shareholders’ proposals. Related matters.

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