Avnet: Accumulations to meet a new round of energy revolution

Avnet: Accumulations to meet a new round of energy revolution

“Previously, 70% of China’s electricity came from thermal power generation, while the proportion of renewable energy such as wind and photovoltaics was only about 15%. Due to the technical problems of grid connection, the phenomenon of abandoning light and abandoning wind still exists in some areas. By contrast, in some developed countries, the share of electricity generated from renewable sources […]

Lampshade laser marking machine: mark out the true

Lampshade laser marking machine: mark out the true Lamp holder refers to the end of the line connected to the lamp. With the widely used of laser marking machine in lighting industry, Lampshade laser marking machine naturally becomes the focus of the market. Lamp holder is the end of the bulb or lamp, which is the part that lamp connects […]

Research on Chinese Characters Thinning NC Engraving Technology

In the CNC engraving process, the Mold industry and the advertising industry have requirements for the CNC engraving of Chinese characters. Generally, there are two methods to generate the CNC engraving code of Chinese characters. One is to use Windows’ TrueType font feature to obtain its outline for CNC processing. This processing method corresponds to each stroke of a Chinese […]

Teach you how to distinguish between silicone products and rubber products

Rubber material is a high elastic polymer compounds, including the unvulcanized rubber and vulcanized rubber, and can be divided into natural and synthetic rubber products. Now, rubber materials have been widely used in manufacturing tire, rubber hose, rubber tabe, insulation material, rubber shoes and other rubber products. silicone products is a kind of silicone rubber, belongs to the unlcanization chamber liquid […]

Wang Jianping, founder of 3D printing startup O.ME, describes his entrepreneurial history: Entrepreneurship is toss and compromise

Why did this 3D Printing start-up in China get the investment of the American Nobel Prize winner? “I am a tossing young man born for entrepreneurship, a bit pretentious.” In an interview with “World Manager”, Wang Jianping had a smile on his face from time to time, especially when he talked about personal entrepreneurial history, Smoot financing and When the […]

3D printed pig-sourced cultivated meat has passed the professional assessment of the food industry

The China Meat Food Comprehensive Research Center “Key Technologies and Product Research for Cultivated Meat Manufacturing” results appraisal meeting hosted by the China National Light Industry Council was held on October 11. Appraisal by an expert group composed of 6 academicians in the field and many domestic experts in the food field. Wang Shouwei, director of China Meat Research Center […]