How much do you know about those things before the installation of the natural gas pipeline support

How much do you know about those things before the installation of the natural gas pipeline support

We all know that to install natural gas pipelines, we have to use natural gas pipeline supports. However, it is not only necessary to pay attention to the method when installing the pipeline on the natural gas pipeline support, but also there are many things that need to be paid attention to before the installation. here we come to find out.
The fixed bracket must be installed in the position specified by the design, so that the pipe is laid on the bracket beam smoothly, so that each bracket can be stressed evenly; on the pipeline with thermal displacement, the fixed bracket should be fixed before the expansion device is pre-stretched.

The place where the fixed point is set becomes the fixed bracket. This kind of pipe bracket and the pipe bracket cannot have relative displacement. Moreover, the deformation of the fixed pipe bracket after being stressed should be small compared with the deformation value of the pipeline compensator, because the pipe bracket must have Sufficient stiffness. The place where the intermediate support is set adopts the movable pipe rack, and the relative displacement between the pipe and the pipe rack is allowed, and the thermal deformation of the pipe is not restricted.

Before installation, the bracket should be calculated according to the design slope of the pipe and the starting point elevation, the middle point, the end point elevation, and the elastic line should be calculated. According to the pipe diameter and the pipe insulation, according to “the wall is not framed, the corner is stabilized, and the middle is divided equally, not too large” in principle.

  • 1. According to the needs of the support and hanger structure and the pipeline load, the section steel is selected for material preparation.
  • 2. When making the support and hanger, the blanking must be accurate, so that the splicing of the support and hanger is straight, and welding and gas burning are not allowed when cutting and drilling. The size of each support and hanger should be accurate and the appearance is regular. .
  • 3. When the supports and hangers are connected together, the width of the weld shall not be less than 4 mm, except for those specified in the design, and the entire length shall be fully welded.
  • 4. After the support and hanger are finished, the dust, dirt, rust spots, welding slag, etc. on the surface of the support and hanger must be removed, and then the support and hanger should be treated with anti-rust paint once and topcoat twice. When applying the paint, the thickness should be uniform, and no peeling, blistering, running, or missing brushing phenomenon should occur.
  • 5. Only the supports and hangers that have been treated with corrosion protection can be used on-site for installation.

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